Thursday, September 27, 2012

IGI 6006 Container Candle

Recently I polled people on their favorite container wax on our message board. The two that come out on top are the Ez Soy and the IGI 6006. I use both waxes and honestly love them both! I recently did a blog using our Ez Soy so decided that with the holiday season fast approaching a blog on a basic container candle using the IGI 6006 was a great idea. Many of our customers are not actually candlemakers at all and hopefully this will entice them into giving candle making a try!

To get started you will need the following:

12 oz Apothecary Jars and the lid of your choice (The jars and lids are sold separately)
Wick Stickum
CD 10 wicks (For most scents. It is up to you to test to determine actual size)
Warning Labels
Candle Dye (all of the candle dyes we sell except pigments are compatible with this wax)
IGI 6006 Wax

Begin by melting your wax to 180-195*. While your wax is melting heat your jars in the oven. Heat for 20 minutes on the lowest oven setting in a pre-heated oven.

Wick your heated jars. Take the Wick Stickums and attach them to the wicks and insert them in the jars. (be careful the jars are HOT!) The wicks should be placed so they are in the center of the container with the wicks nearly touching. In the end the wicks should be about an inch apart in the center of the jar. Our Ez Wick Setter Multi will make this MUCH easier!
For three candles you will need 32 weight ounces of IGI 6006. Once the wax is to temp, weigh out 2 ounces of fragrance and add your desired dye type, color and amount to the wax and stir well to incorporate. Once the dye is blended properly, add your fragrance and again, stir well.

Bring your wax temp down to about 165-170 and pour into the heated jars. This will help minimize shrinking and prevent skip lines and wet spots in the finished candle. Cool the candles as slow as possible taking care to be sure the wicks stay centered in the candle as it cools.

Your finished candles should look like this. Sometimes this wax will require a "second pour" or "top off", to do this re-heat the wax you had left from your first pour. Heat it to 10* hotter than you did the first pour and pour over the candles to the original pour line.

At this time trim your wicks to 1/4" maximum and adhere your warning label to the bottom of the jar and attach any other labels you would like such as your company logo etc. and place the jars lid on top.

Container candles should be burned for about four hours at a time. Doing so ensures that the candles will burn properly from beginning to end. These are great Christmas gifts for your family, friends and teachers! Be creative! Different adornments on the jars such as homespun ties, raffia, candle charms etc all give a different look unique to you!

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