Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Merchant Accounts

If you're like me, you never want summer to end! And if you are also like me, you really love the sales that come along with the fall and winter season in the candle, home fragrance and personal care industry!!

This year I decided to evaluate some of the things that I have not changed for years in my business. My merchant account, or how I accept payments was the biggest change. Today, it's nearly impossible to run a business without accepting debit and or credit cards. I simply won't take a personal check any longer and since my business is mostly wholesale, cash isn't usually an option so my choices were limited to PayPal and or having a merchant account and accepting credit cards.

In the past, doing craft shows, credit and debit cards were a bit risky unless I had access to a phone line but with technology today, things they are a changing! I say that in the best possible way, ever! The days of two and three part credit cards and a knuckle busting card slicer are over! I am ever so glad too! My poor hands take enough of a beating! :)

A few months back I was introduced to a company and it made me realize how wonderful a cellular phone could be for anyone doing craft shows, wholesale, retail, home parties etc! I mean sky is the limit...if you are in an area with cellular service, your merchant account was now portable without having to haul around a huge machine! Excellent! It made me think other candle makers and crafters could seriously benefit from companies like this too!

With my old company I had to buy or lease my machine ($19.99 per month to lease or $500.00 buy) mine sent me a cute little reader that plugs right into the top of my Android phone, FREE! My old company charged me a $5.00 a month statement fee, my new company, NONE! I don't pay a per transaction fee if I have a card and swipe it, my old company .25 per swipe! I pay a .15 per transaction fee if I don't have a card and manually swipe it. I still save! The fees were comparable between the two but because of the savings for me were high and the convenience made it even better!

You can find a ton of these companies online! A really good option for 2011 selling!

So, with that out there....A few NEW!!! things at Bitter Creek that you may want to give a try to selling at those shows this fall!
Cut out Air Freshener Blanks! Awesome product, awesome profit potential!
New Fragrances!!! Pecan Praline, Bacon, Fresh Baked Bread (oz) (New and Improved), Pump Up The Jam, Frosted Pine, Cranberry Pomegranate, Iced Tea Mango Sage, Blackberry Sage, Monkey Farts, Snickerdoodle Latte!, Honey, Ed Hardy Original Women Type , & Fruit Slices (oz)

We are getting new products in weekly! Check out the main page of our site for the newest items first!

Happy Candle and Soap Making!