Thursday, April 16, 2009

Price Changes

As you all know, prices on various supply items have been rising recently due to the rising costs of raw materials, shipping, etc. We realize this is difficult for all of us in the industry, especially in these rough economic times. Many of you who have been loyal customers of ours for many years know that we have very rarely ever raised prices in the past, and in most cases when there have been slight increases in our costs, we have absorbed those increases and tried our best to avoid passing them on to you. Unfortunately in the last year or so, there have been some unavoidable increases that we have had to pass on. Many times we receive no advanced warning of these increases, we don't find out until we place our orders from our manufacturers. But we will do our best to notify you of any price increases as soon as we find out, so you have the most notice possible to adjust your pricing as well.

BCN’s prices on metal jelly jar lids & smelly jelly lids will be increasing in the next couple of weeks. Also our price on Love Spell type fragrance has recently increased.

On that note, we do have some GOOD news to share! Our prices on IGI waxes have just been decreased! And our pricing on our AromaMagic™ Wands (our wood diffuser reeds) are also being decreased! We are committed to finding you the best prices we can, so we are constantly checking product sources and trying to negotiate better deals so we can give you the best prices possible on our products (while maintaining the best quality)!

You will sometimes notice some fluctuations in prices between BCN and BCS on certain items, especially wax. For example, BCS’s prices on IGI waxes decreased recently because they had to order a load after IGI’s first price decrease. But at the time BCN was not able to lower our pricing yet as we were still on the load from before the decrease. Now there has been a 2nd price decrease from IGI, and since we ordered at the new lower prices, we are able to adjust our pricing down at BCN to reflect that. Prices on waxes can also depend on the plant it comes from, as some waxes cost a bit different from different IGI plants. Shipping on truckloads also factors into the prices and can cause them to vary from our two locations as well. With the more frequent fluctuations in wax prices lately, it’s difficult to keep pricing consistent and predictable, but we will always continue to adjust our prices based on our current costs and keep our prices as competitive as we can.

We sincerely appreciate your business and value your loyalty to our company. We want to thank you all for choosing BC as your supplier and helping our business grow, and we will continue striving to help your business grow in every way we can ☺