Monday, September 30, 2013

I is for Ingredients!

This month we have a few great oils on sale at BCN that a lot of people may not use or understand. If you make soap or cosmetics or want to, this blog is for you! 

The first product is Sesame Oil. One of my favorite oils! 

This is a highly conditioning oil and is EXCELLENT in soap!!!! This is an excellent choice as a conditioning oil, and it also helps create a nice stable lather. This is also an excellent oil when used in massage oils as well and works wonderful as conditioning after bath oil when blended with Cyclomethicone

The second product is Liquid Glycerine. This is one of those things that really has a lot of uses but most people have never used it. Works great for mixing oxide colorants for use in soap making, you can use this to make Lava Lip Gloss too! 

We at this time do not carry the roller ball bottles for this but we do carry all the other ingredients to make it! The Castor Oil, the Liquid Glycerin, The Flavor Oils! This is an awesome stocking stuffer item and this is the perfect time of year to try it!

The third is Castor Oil. Oh how I love Castor oil too! It's the best thing on earth to make soap lather like there is no tomorrow! It's one of those I can't live as a soaper without it oils! It is also excellent for use in the Lava Lip Balms, and it's super for adding gloss to other lip products as well.

If you ever plan to make a shampoo bar, this will be your go-to oil! If you haven't tried it do so, you won't regret adding this rich oil to your line up!

Finally is Sweet Almond Oil. Sweet Almond is probably the best oil I have ever used for massage! I love a great massage and sweet almond gives the perfect glide! Ahhhhhhhhh! Along with being an excellent choice for massage oils it's great for an after bath oil mixed with Cyclomethicone, it's wonderful for use in CP and HP soaps, it works amazing in hand crafted from scratch lotions and so many more applications. This is one of those oils that truly everyone should have on their shelves and use it often!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Soap Pouf-on-a-Rope!

Soap Poufs, the 2013 version of "Soap-on-a-Rope"!

These easy to make poufs are fun, and are something you can market to men, women and even teens and children! Everyone washes so everyone can use them!

Use poufs that match the color of the fragrance and offer fun seasonal scents! The only limit is your imagination!

Microwave safe glass (Pyrex) or HDPE Plastic measure cup
Sharp knife to cut soap
Rubbing alcohol in spray bottle 
Stainless steel spoons to stir soap
Mold for the pouf (I used a ziploc storage bowl. Find something that fits your pouf!)
Bath Pouf
Melt and Pour Soap. I used clear but you can use white and you can also color it using FD&C dyes)
Fragrance (I used Candy Corn *this scent MAY in time discolor)

First, cut up and melt your soap in the microwave. The pouf I used was quite large and required 6 weight oz of soap base. You will want to test to determine how much each of yours will hold. Melt your soap in the microwave using short 30 second burst and stirring between each just until the soap is melted, do NOT over-heat the soap. 

Once the soap is fully melted add any fragrance or color you desire and stir well. 

Pour a small amount of soap into the bottom of the mold. 

Spritz the pouf liberally with rubbing alcohol then the top of the poured soap and insert the pouf into the soap. 

Pour the remainder of the soap over the top of the pouf SLOWLY to be sure to saturate as much as possible. Using your spoon gently push the pouf down into the careful doing this or the soap can start to foam.

Wait until the soap completely cools and remove the pouf and your soap is ready! You can now package and sell. I recommend packaging in cellophane bags tied off with a cute hang tag for retail sales. 

Use your imagination and create some super fun Christmas poufs for sale at your next show! They are easy to make! This is also a great project for a Sunday School class to be made into Christmas Gifts for Mom! 

Happy Soap and Candle Making!