Friday, October 15, 2010

Weights & Measures - Product Labeling Regulations

Weights & Measures Product Labeling Regulations

This page explains the regulations in great detail, but can be rather hard to read and interpret. Basically it states that the FTC requires any product manufacturer of a consumable product to list on their label exactly how much product the package contains. It needs to be listed by either unit of measure or weight or volume, depending on the product. Here are a few examples of random products from my house:

Cat treats: NET WT. 3 OZ (85g)
Screen Cleaner: NET WT. 4 Fl. Oz. (118ml)
Cleaning Wipes: 80 Wipes 6 x 6.5 in. (15.24 x 16.51 cm)

The cat treats are listed by the weight of the product. The screen cleaner spray is listed by liquid volume, which is specified by listing the ounces as "fluid" ounces. The wipes are listed as the total number of how many units are in the package, also including the size of each unit.

So for a candle, since everything is done by weight, you would want to list the contents of your candle by weight in ounces and then include the weight in grams in parentheses after it, just like on the cat treats example. Don't forget to deduct the weight of the jar or container itself, you only want to list the contents of the actual consumable product inside the container! If you have a digital scale with a tare feature, it is really easy.

You must also list your company name and contact info on the label. Here is exactly what the regulation says:
(1) The commodity shall bear a label specifying the identity of the commodity and the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor;
(2) The net quantity of contents (in terms of weight or mass, measure, or numerical count) shall be separately and accurately stated in a uniform location upon the principal display panel of that label, using the most appropriate units of both the customary inch/pound system of measure, as provided in paragraph (3) of this subsection, and, except as provided in paragraph (3)(A)(ii) or paragraph (6) of this subsection, the SI metric system;

So if you private label your products for others, the labels could list the name and place of business of the distributor instead. Or if for example, say you just produced the candles but sent them out to another company to be packaged in boxes and labeled... then the packager/distributor could put their company info on the label instead of yours.

The best way to get examples of how to do your labels is to look at some from some of the large candle companies, like Yankee. I dug thru my candle box and found a few name brands to give you examples.

McCall's Country Canning lists theirs on the bottom, on their caution label. It says 16 oz. Classic Jar Candle. Burn Time 110 - 130 hrs.

Pilgrims Primitives lists theirs on the caution label also. It says "Approximate Net Wt. 3.75 oz."

L'Occitane lists theirs right on the label on the top of the tin. It says "100 g- Net Wt 3.5 OZ". Then on the bottom caution label it states "Around 20 hours of soft fragrancing for the home."

I also found a pillar candle made by Claire's Garden and it lists the size of the pillar instead of the weight. It says 4" x 4" Burns up to 90 hours.

If you have any questions please read over that FTC link thoroughly, and you can also try contacting them with any questions you're unsure of:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Overdipped Cut-Out Pillars

Overdipped Cut-Out Pillars

Instructor: Doneen St.John

You Will Need:

  • IGI 1343 or IGI 1239 Paraffin Wax
  • Pillar Mold (square or oval works best so you have a flatter surface for the cut-out)
  • Vybar 103
  • Wicking of your choice
  • Candle dye of your choice
  • Fragrance of your choice
  • Pouring Pot
  • Presto pot or double boiler
  • Pliers
  • Cookie Cutter
  • Exacto Knife

You can use IGI 1343 or IGI 1239 for the core pillar with no additives if you want the core mottled. Add Vybar 103 to the wax if you want a more solid opaque core.

Use the same wax with the Vybar for the overdipped layers. Fill your pouring pot or dipping vat with enough wax to dip the height of your pillar.

Hold your pillar tightly by the wick with pliers, and slowly dip it several times until it looks nice and smooth and the layers are thick enough for a cut-out. Perfect dipping temperature will depend on the wax used, but you will get a feel for how well the layers are adhering as you dip, and you can adjust your temp accordingly.

Then when the layers are still semi-soft, press your cutter shape into the front while carefully holding the back of the candle, and push slowly until you feel it hit the core. Use an exacto knife to peel out the shape, it should be easy to remove. If you use a light color for the core and a dark color for the overdip, the shape will glow when it burns!

These can also be made with grubby whipped wax for the overdip for a more primitive looking cut-out pillar. Add spices or coffee grounds to the whipped wax for an extra grubby look!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

BC Convention 2010 is open!

BC Convention registration is open! For links to info, registration form, and to purchase your ticket visit

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glittery, Sparkly Things!

Who doesn't just love glitter and sparkly things? Sparkly things are just so HAPPY!!!

Just think of the possibility for summer with our new 24 Karat Gold Mica and our new Bronze Mica! The Bronze Mica is an excellent to add that summer sheen without the damaging UV rays of the sun! Just add some bronze or bronze & gold mica to our Refillable Powder Brush shown above, brush on the skin and voila! Instant color! These are a super HOT item this summer and can be found at many upscale merchants! Your cost for the brush and the mica per unit is around $4.25 each. These easily sell for around $18-20 each filled! This is an excellent profit item with very low labor.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NEW WAX @ Bitter Creek!

I rarely tell people this but I am a skeptic. There, I said it. :) My glass is pretty well half full in life but it can often be half empty when it comes to new products, especially in our industry. Maybe it comes from over a decade of testing everything new on the market to have less than 5% work for me.

A few weeks back, the owner of EcoSoya sent us some of their new wax, EcoSoya CB XceL to test. This wax promised things I'd have never believed from any wax, let alone a soy. It promised single pour that didn't have to be poured slushy, it promised me excellent scent throw both hot and cold, it promised little to no frost and it was 100% soy? This literally goes against the grain of everything I'd learned about soy to this point but good news, it delivered!!!

I think this wax will revolutionize how people view soy. I bought my very first case and plan to spend the next few weeks testing all my scents in it to make the switch. This is the first time I've even considered switching soy waxes since my last change which was over 8 years ago! I've been using soy waxes since the latter part of the 1990's and this I have to say is the best soy container wax out there by far!

Bitter Creek has added this outstanding wax to their inventory this week, and it's now available for purchase on the shopping cart at BCN! I highly suggest all soy users or for that matter soy skeptics give this wax a whirl! I don't think it will disappoint you in any way! I have renewed my faith in the natural wax industry. The perfect soy wax really does exist!

To place an order for the new Ecosoya click on the link:

For those that test this wax, please share your feedback either through our shopping cart, on our message board or here on the blog! In the mean time, I am going to be testing my heart out and will share my results as well.

Thanks for reading & Happy Candlemaking!
Bitter Creek Tech Support