Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NEW WAX @ Bitter Creek!

I rarely tell people this but I am a skeptic. There, I said it. :) My glass is pretty well half full in life but it can often be half empty when it comes to new products, especially in our industry. Maybe it comes from over a decade of testing everything new on the market to have less than 5% work for me.

A few weeks back, the owner of EcoSoya sent us some of their new wax, EcoSoya CB XceL to test. This wax promised things I'd have never believed from any wax, let alone a soy. It promised single pour that didn't have to be poured slushy, it promised me excellent scent throw both hot and cold, it promised little to no frost and it was 100% soy? This literally goes against the grain of everything I'd learned about soy to this point but good news, it delivered!!!

I think this wax will revolutionize how people view soy. I bought my very first case and plan to spend the next few weeks testing all my scents in it to make the switch. This is the first time I've even considered switching soy waxes since my last change which was over 8 years ago! I've been using soy waxes since the latter part of the 1990's and this I have to say is the best soy container wax out there by far!

Bitter Creek has added this outstanding wax to their inventory this week, and it's now available for purchase on the shopping cart at BCN! I highly suggest all soy users or for that matter soy skeptics give this wax a whirl! I don't think it will disappoint you in any way! I have renewed my faith in the natural wax industry. The perfect soy wax really does exist!

To place an order for the new Ecosoya click on the link:

For those that test this wax, please share your feedback either through our shopping cart, on our message board or here on the blog! In the mean time, I am going to be testing my heart out and will share my results as well.

Thanks for reading & Happy Candlemaking!
Bitter Creek Tech Support

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