Friday, December 30, 2016

Palm Wax Melts

*Palm Wax Melts*

    As I was rummaging through my large wicker basket of wax melts, I was determined to find that perfect "scent of the day" to use in my new melt warmer. Before I knew it, a growing pile of plain colored, boring, half-full clam shell molds (most with a few wax chunks left over from prior use), covered my kitchen table. I thought "I wish these could be more exciting". Or maybe at least a bit more appealing to the eye before they are actually used. 

With farmer's markets and craft shows coming up with the start of a new year, I thought these would be a perfect item to keep in mind!

So I figured I'd give them a try for the first time :)

Materials you will need:
*Clear Cello Bags (I found the 5x7" size to be perfect)
*Candle Dye (I used the Liquid Dyes, and a few Mica Powder dyes)
*Embed Mold (I used the Turtle mold)
*Glass measuring cup (for easy pouring)

As always, start by melting your palm wax.
While you're waiting for the wax, you can start gathering your twist ties and cello bags. This project goes rather quickly, so you'll be able to put your finished melts into the cello bags in about 15 minutes from when you start making them.

Once your wax has reached the appropriate temperature, go ahead and add your fragrance and coloring. For adding fragrance, I follow the same usage guidelines as when I'm making candles, and I've found it to work well. For a few of the colors, I used a very small amount of mica powder.

*Keep in mind that if you use too much mica, that the excess mica will sink to the bottom of the mold

The palm wax needs to be poured at a hotter temperature, to bring out the crystal-like designs. I poured my wax at 205* into room-temp plastic molds.

*Note: When using the Embed Molds, these molds are rather thick, so you can pour the wax a bit hotter that you would need to for a clam shell mold.


These melts cool rather quickly in these small molds. The melts will cool within just a few minutes at room temperature and will pop out of the mold with no effort.

Soon, you'll have a quickly growing supply of adorable wax melts!

Purple Turtles

 Blue Turtles

Green Turtles

Once the melts are 100% cooled, now you can start putting them in cello bags.

There are so many possibilities for what designs you can make your melts in. From turtles, to alligators, and everything in between! Bitter Creek offers a large selection of molds to jazz up those plain wax melts!

Some claim that the palm wax melts are so appealing, that their sales have undoubtedly boosted, due to the beautiful color contrast that the palm wax offers.

Try putting your melts ahead of the rest and give them a try at your next craft show or farmer's market!

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Happy Candle & Soap Making!