Saturday, March 31, 2018

Spring Flower Wax Melts!

~Spring Flower Wax Melts~
(Made with EZ Parasoy Wax)
With Spring time finally here, flowers seem to always be the main focus when it comes to
spring-themed items; and for good reason!
Brightly colored, fresh picked vibrant flowers are the perfect pick-me-up
after a long cold winter season.
Speaking of brightly colored flowers, this month we're going to focus on adding a new look to those ever so popular clamshell wax melts. I've never personally seen wax melts like the ones you're about to see, so I thought it'd make for a fun and easy blog to kick off the month of April.
Materials you will need:
~ Candle Dye (I used the liquid dyes)
Step 1 - Heat the wax to 180-195°.

Step 2 - Once the wax reaches desired temp, add your fragrance oil (I used 1oz fragrance to 1lb of wax), blend well. Then add your choice of candle dye and again blend well. Preparing your wax embeds that will set on the surface of the initial poured clamshell, will be the main focus at this point. I used the Purple/Violet Liquid Dye for the top flower embeds, and Hot Pink/Pink Liquid Dye for the base color. I also used the popular "Apple Flower" fragrance oil for these.
Step 3 - Allow the wax to cool to a temperature of 130-140° to make sure that the heat of the wax will not melt the clamshell molds. A melted plastic mold makes for a mess!

Step 4 - Once the wax has cooled to the desired temp, start carefully pouring the scented/colored wax into the embed molds. These will cool rather quickly compared to the larger clamshell base that you will be pouring shortly. Set aside to cool.

*Tip: Setting the embeds in the fridge for a few minutes helps greatly with the molded embeds to release from the mold with ease. If taken from the mold too soon before the embeds are too warm, the embeds are likely to break apart (as shown below).  

Step 5 - Repeat steps 2 & 3 to prepare the clamshell base color. Go ahead and pour the melted wax into the clamshells.


This is where a scale really comes in handy. The 6 cavity clamshell molds will hold 2.5oz of wax. I first filled the clamshell mold until it contained 2.2oz of wax. As soon as your base wax has been poured, take a cooled embed and gently set the embed in the center of the mold within the freshly poured hot wax. Each poinsettia embed weighs .3oz. After you have added the flower embed to the clamshell, you will have a perfectly filled 2.5oz clamshell.


Step 6 (final step) - Set entire clamshell aside to completely cool at room temperature for a few hours. Do not set in the fridge to cool! Cooling the wax too quickly will cause cracking and possible sink holes within the wax. When the clamshells are completely cooled, shut the lid of the clamshell, apply a warning label and you're done!
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Happy Candle & Soap Making!


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Brand NEW 4oz Mason Jar Candles

~Brand NEW 4oz Mason Jar Candles~
(Made with EZ Parasoy wax)

Bitter Creek has just released a brand new 4oz mason jar!
Since the 8oz mason jars are quite popular, when we came across a smaller 4oz,
we just couldn't resist adding them to our line.
These 4oz jars have the same attractive measurements along the sides,
and are the perfect size to fit right in your hand!
I wanted to show just how attractive these jars are,
so I used the EZ Parasoy wax to help bring out all of the designs when the jars are
filled with a range of different colors.

Materials you will need:
~ Lids (I used the Antique Pewter Lids)
Step 1- Heat the wax to 180-195°. Once the wax reaches desired temp, add your fragrance oil, blend well. Then add your choice of candle dye and again blend well. I personally like to use the Liquid Candle Dyes, as it's fairly easy to achieve specific colors, depending on the amount of dye drops you use each time. With Easter coming up, I used only 1 drop of each dye in each candle, to achieve nice light "Easter" colors.

Step 2- Pour scented wax into jars. This wax should be poured between 165-180°. You will find that this wax will not adhere to the jars under normal circumstances, but instead it will pull away.

Step 3- Place Black Round Wick Centering Tools on jars and secure the wicks, to keep the wicks centered as the candles cool.  

*Note: You'll notice that the EZ Parasoy wax usually leaves a buttery smooth surface after the wax has cooled, rarely ever needing a second pour (if anything, I'd suggest using a heat gun for a couple seconds to smooth a rough surface). You'll also see that this wax does not frost, and rarely ever cracks. The cold and hot throw is amazing and its ability to hold light to bold colors is brilliant!


Step 4 (final step)- Once completely cooled, remove the centering tools, trim the wicks using a scissors, then secure a lid and safety label. Perfect candles!

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Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Natural Paw Balm for pets!

~Natural Paw Balm for pets!~

While experiencing all of the wonderful things that winter has to offer, there are bound to be a few things that are not so pleasant. 
The below-zero temperatures, the harsh winds, and of course.. 
the dry skin that winter often causes. 
One thing that is often forgotten, is that your pets are in no-doubt experiencing the same. Pets are like family and are not always able to care for themselves in all of the ways we sometimes think they can. This often includes... their paws. Have you even seen a dog come inside after running outside in the snow for any amount of time, only to be frantically licking their cold feet and relieving them of the ice chunks that have gathered between their toes? 
Just like humans, pets can have dry cracked feet that can be sore just the same. 
Icy conditions from the outdoors can have damaging affects to a pet's paws.
Paw Balm is a fantastic solution to those drying, skin-irritating conditions, and we have a fun recipe that will help keep your pet's paws soft, protected and moisturized.

Batch yield - (5) 4oz PET Jars

Materials you will need:
~ 1oz Castor Oil
~ (5) 4oz PET jars 

For the first step, empty all of the lip balm base into the 1lb pouring pot. 
*Tip: Melting the base for 30 seconds at a time in a microwave worked well to loosen in from the plastic container a bit beforehand, really helped with removing all the base without having to struggle with chipping it out with a spoon. 

1lb Pouring Pot

Fill a small pot roughly 1/4 - 1/3 way with water. Using a simple Double Boiler maker, set the pouring pot filled with the lip balm base, within the pot. This method will allow the contents within the pouring pot to gradually reach an even temperature, without having the pouring pot sitting directly on the bottom of the pot.

 Double Boiler Maker

While using LOW to MEDIUM heat, melt all of the base within the pouring base. Do NOT boil the base! 

Once all of the base has melted within the pouring pot, remove the pot from the heat and gradually add the Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, while constantly mixing. 
*Tip: The Coconut Oil will be hard within its original bottle at first. To melt the coconut oil to be able to pour into a measuring spoon, setting the bottle within a bowl of hot water speeds up the process of melting the oil rather quickly within just a few short minutes. 

As soon as all oils are completely blended within the base, allow the mixture to cool between 135°-140°F before pouring it into the 4oz PET jars. A digital thermometer is really handy for this!

4oz PET Jar

Let the jars sit for an hour or so to harden before putting the sealing discs and lids on.

You're all done and your pets will thank you!

This paw balm recipe is non-greasy and is perfect for pets. This balm should be applied liberally as needed, for prevention or treatment of dry cracked paws. 
You will see the balm working immediately as a wonderful moisturizer.


 A few fun facts about the ingredients of this recipe:

*The lip balm base that Bitter Creek offers already contains numerous wonderful ingredients including the following by itself:
   -Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E is an oil-soluble nutrient and is hence heavier than water-soluble              products. It restores the lost moisture, and this is why it works best for dry and damaged skin.
   -Beeswax: Beeswax helps keep snow and ice from gathering on the bottom of your pet's paws, preventing discomfort.

   -Shea Butter: *Moisturizing: The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin. It is often used to remedy dry skin and to help protect the skin’s natural oils. *Reduces Inflammation: Shea Butter has been found to reduce skin inflammation and even potentially help avoid skin mutations. *Nourishing: Shea butter has been known to protect and nourish skin to prevent drying, and even has been proven to soften skin over time.

   -Cocoa Butter: *Cocoa Butter is known for having numerous benefits. Just a few of those benefits include: Prevent drying and peeling of skin. *healing chapped skin, soothing burns, rashes & infections. 

   -Soybean Oil: Soybean Oil is a vitamin-rich emollient that absorbs well into the skin. Soybean Oil has a nourishing, softening and moisturizing effect on skin.

*We added Coconut Oil, Castor Oil & Sweet Almond Oil for even more added benefits:

   -Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, as well as an excellent moisturizer.

   -Castor Oil: Castor Oil penetrates deep into the skin, fighting bacteria overgrowth that can clog pores, while softening and hydrating irritated skin at the same time.

   -Sweet Almond Oil: Almond oil is light in texture, and can easily penetrate deep into the skin, softening and dislodging dirt and debris accumulated in the skin pores and hair follicles.  

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Exfoliating Oatmeal M&P Bars

~Exfoliating Oatmeal M&P Bars~

Goat Milk Melt & Pour Soap Base is among one of our most favored soap bases. 
Moisturizing, rich in nutrients and minerals... who doesn't love that?!

While there are endless ways to dazzle and customize your soap bars, adding oatmeal for a natural gentle exfoliate brings any bar of soap to a level of sheer perfection!

Materials you will need:
~ 2cup Glass Pyrex Cup
~ Quick Oats Oatmeal 

Start by cutting the block of soap base into small squares for easy handling. Each block of base is just 2lbs and is already scored, making cutting much easier. 

When deciding how much fragrance to use, keep in mind that 1/2oz of fragrance is recommended for each pound of base. With each block being 2lbs, you will need to choose 1oz of soap safe fragrance oil. I chose to use Cucumber Melon (which smells AMAZING!)

When making small batches, one half pound of soap base fits nicely into a 2cup Glass Pyrex measuring cup. This is the perfect amount to start working with, when first starting out with making M&P soap bars. 

The easiest way to melt the soap base is right in a microwave. When choosing this method, be sure to only heat the base for 30 second time periods at a time, stirring between each time. To fully melt one half pound of base, this should take just roughly 1.5-2 minutes. The finished melted soap should be right between 130°-140°F. Watch closely not to get your base too hot!

Once the base is completely melted to the appropriate temperature, add the fragrance oil and cosmetic colorant. Be sure to mix thoroughly! When adding colorant, start by adding just a couple drops at first, then additional drops until you reach the desired shade you are looking for. 

After the fragrance oil and colorant has been fully mixed into the base, go ahead and add the oatmeal. I prefer to use the smaller quick oats rather than the larger old fashioned oats, as the smaller oats turn more soft after a short time being in the hot base, creating a gentle exfoliate rather than the larger oats that tend to stay a bit more firm. 

Note: As soon as the oats have been mixed into the base, you'll see that the oats tend to sink to the bottom of the mold rather than stay suspended within the soap. If you prefer that the oats stay suspended in the soap rather than sink, pouring at a cooler temperature will help achieve this. 

Once the soap has been poured into the molds, you may sometimes notice bubbles gathering at the surface. Bubbles tend to happen due to the mixing stage, however if you want to rid the surface of bubbles, you may use a fine mist spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol to spray onto the surface of the soap, removing any bubbles that may have accumulated. 

Allow the soaps to cool at room temperature until completely cooled, about 4-5 hours. While waiting for the bars to cool, clean-up is a breeze! For obvious reasons :). All you need is warm water!

Once completely cooled and solidified, you may need to pull the edge of the mold back to help the soap to release.  

For packaging your soaps, you will want to keep your soap in a cool dry place. Rather than sealing the soap completely with plastic shrink wrap, a plastic cello bag is a great choice for packaging and displaying Melt & Pour soap. Beautiful! :)

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Happy Soaping!


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Scented Holiday Teddy Bears!

~Scented Holiday Teddy Bears~

The end of the year is here, and the New Year will soon be upon us. As you are looking for those last minute items to make, don't look past our adorable variety of plush Teddy Bears!

Bitter Creek offers a variety of Teddy Bears, as well as an extensive selection of accessories to make them even more fun for any time of year! 
Our selection ranges from knitted sweaters, to glasses, and even hats! 

You can dip them in scented wax to shape them how you wish, leave them without scent, or spritz them with your favorite fragrance to make a cute Teddy Bear Air Freshener. :) 
Today we will be spritzing them with fragrances rather than dipping them in wax. 

Materials you will need:
*Accessories such as sweaters, glasses or hats (optional) 
*Cyclomethicone (Dry Oil Spray)
*Small spray bottles (I used the 4oz Clear Bullet Bottles with matching Clear Spray Caps)
*9x12" Shrink Wrap Bags & Twist Ties for storing (optional)

First, you will want to choose your selection of fragrance(s). Whether your scenting only one bear, or if you're scenting multiple, with multiple fragrances, Bitter Creek offers an extensive variety of fragrances to suit your preference. 

Once you have selected your choice of fragrances, fill your small spray bottles with a 50/50 mix of fragrance oil and Cyclomethicone spray base and secure the spray cap. 

When selecting your candle plates, you'll want to make sure that you choose one that is large enough for the teddy bears to sit on with enough room so they don't looked too cramped. I found that the 8" Round Candle Plates were the perfect size for the bears.

Bitter Creek offers plush Teddy Bears in a variety of colors, even ranging from Shaggy Fur to Scruffy Fur. The choice is yours!

Depending how you are wanting to outfit your bear, there are sweaters for most every occasion. :) Holidays, Birthdays, Spring Time, and of course, the Holiday Season. 

When these bars are dipped in wax, they are able to be shaped and placed into different positions. When they are dry and not dipped in wax, they look much more "plush" and over-all much more stuffed-animal like. But beware to keep out of reach of children for this very reason! 

After your fragrance oils have been mixed with the cyclomethicone in the spray bottles, start dressing up your bears if you have accessories picked out. All of our Teddy Bears have bows around their necks, so be sure to pull the bow out from under their sweater so it is showing if you wish, before you spritz the bears with fragrance. :)

Once all of your bears are accessorized, now you can start lightly spritzing them with fragrance. Be Careful! A little fragrance goes a long ways! Just one spritz to the front, and one spritz to the back, with completely coat your bear. 

If you do want your bear to smell super-strong, spritz your bear in very light layers. Setting them back onto their tin candle plates is a good idea at this point to allow them to fully dry, without allowing fragrance oil to harm any furniture surfaces or kitchen counter tops. Be careful not to saturate your bears! It will look like fine mist is on your bear (pictured below), rather than large droplets, which you do not want. 

After you have allowed your bears to fully dry (At least 4-5 hours in an airy room), you may leave them as-is, or you can choose to package them to keep their fragrances stronger for future use, or perhaps to save as gifts. I wouldn't recommend using these shrink wrap bags as gift items to wrap your bears in, however they work perfectly for storing your scented bears. They really keep the fragrance in and keep it strong. :)

If you do not package them in plastic wrap, remember that you still have a fragrance bottle, for the future when your bear needs a fresh spritz of fragrance. A Teddy bear that has been spritzed with fragrance with stay strong for roughly one month depending on which fragrance you used. A Vanilla fragrance may not seem to last as long as a strong Cinnamon fragrance, etc. One bottle of fragrance will go a LONG ways. 

I know everyone is deep in their holiday rush routines at this time of year, but this Teddy Bear project is rather quick, and can be quite rewarding! So order a few bears on your next order to give them a try. We're sure you won't be disappointed! :)

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Merry Christmas Everyone!