Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Working With Wick Stickums™

This month Bitter Creek South is offering 100 FREE Wick Stickums™ with each package of 100 wicks! What an AWESOME deal!

Wick Stickums™
*Bitter Creek's exclusive brand!*

The best on the market! Unlike other similar products, our improved design has stronger adhesive and easy to use pull tabs! These stick to the bottom of your metal wick tabs to secure the wick in your containers. No more messy glue guns!

To use Wick Stickums™ pull one off the paper backing and place the sticky side over the bottom of the wick tab (the metal base on your wicks).

Before using, be sure the tab is free of wax and other debris or they may not stick.

Remove the other side of the Wick Stickums™ and place the sticky side down in the bottom of your container. This will adhere the wick to the container and prevent the wick from sliding around while the candle is burning. This creates a MUCH safer product!

Before using, be sure the container is free of wax and other debris or they may not stick.

Finally secure your wick using one of our many wick holders and pour! Wick Stickums™ will hold the tab securely to the container during your pour too, making it possible to keep your wicks perfectly centered each and every time!

I started using Wick Stickums™ in 2000 and I never looked back! No more hot glue, no more messy adhesives, just Pull & Stick! This is the perfect time to stock up on wicks and Wick Stickums™ or to give them a try for the first time!

While you are ordering from BCS, I highly recommend a sampler pack of our many new fragrances!

See the Bitter Creek South Newsletter for details on ordering this months specials!

Please remember busy season is fast approaching. Please be sure to order in advance and stock up so you don't run out! :)

Happy Candle Making!