Friday, April 28, 2017

Enamel Coffee Mug Candles

*Enamel Coffee Mug Candles*

It's that time of year again! The trees are blooming, the birds are making their nests, and the world is coming alive after a long cold winter. It's time to venture out and enjoy the wild outdoors. Along with hiking, camping is always a great summer activity. 
When you think about camping, it's pretty easy to picture a nice crackling fire 
with toasted marshmallows slowly roasting
overhead and a tent with a cozy sleeping bag set up in the background. 
And of course, a classic enamel cup of steaming coffee. 

Materials you will need:
* CD series wicks (I used CD-14 wicks for these 3.5" mugs)
*Enamel coffee mugs (Can be found in the camping section at your local store)

Start melting your wax first. You can use any container wax for this project, however I used the EzSoy. While you are waiting for your wax to reach it's desired temperature, prepare your coffee mugs by adhering a wick to the center of the mug with a wick stickum. This will keep the wick in place as you pour the hot wax into the mug. 

Once your wax has reached its desired temperature, go ahead and add the fragrance and the candle dye. For EzSoy, this temperature is 175°-180°.

When the candle dye and fragrance have been completely mixed with the wax, you can now pour the wax into heated containers once it reaches its ideal pouring temperature.  *Note: For EzSoy, you will need to allow the wax to cool to about 105° and start stirring. When the wax reaches a slushy stage, it looks similar to an Icee starting to warm up, pour the wax into room temperature jars. The actual pour temp of the wax is about 95° but because it is not completely fluid at this point, an internal temp is hard to achieve. Pouring hotter will result in more frosting and tops that are not completely smooth.

When centering a wick, if you do not have a centering tool on-hand, sometimes you have to be a bit creative when creating a wick centering tool for a 3.5" container. A centered wick is crucial for a properly burning candle. A pair of wooden skewers worked perfectly to hold the wicks in place.

 Some degree of bloom or frost can occur with any soy wax (as shown below). Testing of fragrances and dyes as well as pouring temps can in some cases decrease or eliminate this. EZ Soy is manufactured in the USA from soybeans grown right here in America! Soy waxes produce little to no black soot when made and burned properly. EZ Soy will hold up to a 10% fragrance load however we have had the best hot scent throw results using 6%.

Once your candles have completely cooled, trim the excess wick from the candles.

As soon as all wicks are trimmed, you are all finished! The smell of freshly brewed coffee with be in the air. :)

These mug candles look great when packaged in a cello bags or shrink wrap bags, tied off with natural hemp twine or raffia. With Father's Day just around the corner, these are a perfect gift for Dad!

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Happy Candle & Soap Making!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

*Easter Egg Bath Bombs*

   The Bath Bomb industry is booming! Bright colors, great smells, luxurious fizzling bath bombs... what's not to love? While Easter is upon us, a bright Easter basket filled with Easter Egg bath bombs would be the perfect gift for any bath bomb lover!

 *Batch yield: 11 eggs

Materials you will need:
* 1 Cup Baking Soda
* 1/2 Cup Citric Acid
* 1/2 Cup Cornstarch
* 1/4-1/2 Cup Fine Grade Sea Salt or Epsom Salt ( I used 1/2c. Epsom Salt)
* 2 1/2 Tablespoons Sweet Almond Oil or Cyclomethicone (Cyclo makes the feel silky)
* 3/4 Tablespoon Water
* 2 Teaspoons soap safe Fragrance Oil
* 1/4 Teaspoon Borax (Sold in Laundry aisle) 
* Large Mixing Bowl
* Plastic Easter eggs

First, mix all dry ingredients, except borax in a large mixing bowl.

Once dry ingredients are mixed, mix together water, oil (I used Sweet Almond Oil), Liquid Dye, Fragrance Oil, and Borax in a separate container. *Be sure to mix well!
*Tip... mixing these wet ingredients together in a bottle and shaking, or mixing together in a cup and mixing with a fork works as well if you do not have a bottle on-hand.

For Colorant, I used the Blue, Pink, and a touch of the Red Cosmetic Liquid Dyes
*Tip...I am asked this frequently, and please Do Not use mica powdered dye, or Gel Tone colorants to color your bath bombs! Using mica powders and gel tones may look amazing, however they leave a very large ring of dye around a bath tub, which is difficult to remove from the tub, let alone yourself. 

For fragrance, I used our brand new fragrance "Apple Flower Type". It is a B&B Works Type that is simply A-mazing!

As soon as your wet mixture is blended completely, begin mixing dry ingredients with one hand, while drizzling the liquid mixture into the dry mixture. Slowly and constantly blending the liquid into the dry mixture until full incorporated. 
*Tip... Be sure to do this slowly. Adding the liquid mixture too fast can trigger the fizzing action!

When the mixture is completely mixed, it will seem somewhat dry, rather than wet. If the mixture is too wet, the bath bombs will not hold their shape. Be sure to follow the measurements in the instructions precisely to prevent ruining your bath bombs.

Gather your Easter Eggs that will be acting as your bath bomb molds. I found it much easier to separate the top of the egg from the bottom by cutting the small plastic piece that holds them together, for forming the bath bombs easier. 

With one piece of the plastic egg in each hand, while holding them in the mixture, bring them together over the length of the mixing bowl, while scooping up the mixture as you go. Once joined together, move the entire mold to a designated area that you would like the molds to sit until they harden.*Note: Not all of the eggs with fit perfectly together in the molds. If you have a small gap of space between the two pieces of the mold, that is perfectly fine. The finished product will still look amazing and you will not be able to tell.

A paper plate worked great for holding all the eggs in place. 

The bath bombs within the Easter Eggs will take roughly 6 hours to fully harden. I leave mine in their molds overnight. 

Once your bath bombs are ready to extract from their molds, I found it much easier to gently press the crease of the mold while spinning the egg. All while pressing gently all around the crease in different areas, while constantly spinning. This helped the egg come apart much more easily, than when I tried simply pulling the mold pieces straight apart. 

Once your bath bombs are all extracted from their molds, set them aside on paper plates while you are collecting the used egg molds. 

 Keeping the egg shell pieces in a large mixing bowl helps keep the mess down quite a bit. However if you do make a mess, it's a very quick and easy clean up with a towel and some water!
*Tip... For cleaning your egg molds, wash in warm water and dish soap, then allow to air dry for future use.

Package individually, create a gift bag, or fill a colorful Easter Basket with them! These Easter Egg Bath Bombs are a great project to let kids get involved with, and are extremely fun and easy to make!
*Tip... We offer many new colors of Paper Shred to add extra appeal to your projects! 

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Happy Easter everyone!

"Easter is the only time of year when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket."
-Evan Esar

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spring Mottled Pillar Candles

First Day of Spring
*Spring Mottled Pillar Candles*

   Mottled candles are a very popular item these days. "Mottling" is an effect that looks very similar to snow, that will appear throughout your finished candle. This effect is not produced with all paraffin waxes, however we do offer a few paraffin waxes that make it easy to achieve this signature look, without the need of additional additives. 

The IGI 1274 wax is capable of producing this amazing mottled appearance. There are other waxes that produce more of a random layout of mottling throughout areas of the candle, whereas the IGI 1274 will produce a more even over-all mottling throughout the entire candle. With the first day of Spring coming up in just a few short weeks, I'll be working with this wax to create a series of "Spring Mottled Pillar Candles".

Materials you will need:
*Fragrance Oil (I used our new fragrance Apple Flower (BBW Type) as well as Spring Rain)
*Candle Dye (I used the Purple/Violet as well as the Blue/Sky Liquid Candle Dyes)
*Square or Flat Braid Cotton Wick (I used the 1/0 Square Braid Cotton wick for a 3" diameter pillar)

First, start by melting your wax until it reaches a temperature of 190-200*. 

As your wax is melting, start preparing your candle molds

Cut a length of cotton wick that will be a bit longer than the mold, so you have a bit extra to tie to a wick holder once your wax is poured.


Seal the bottom of the mold, by applying Mold Sealer in a thick layer around the entire wick that is protruding from the wick hole on the bottom of the mold.

 Set your prepared molds off to the side while you work with your wax. A clean and organized work area will vastly decrease the chances of a spill!

As soon as your wax reaches the appropriate temp, go ahead and add your choice of fragrance. A fragrance load of 6% is possible in this particular wax. Be sure to mix well!

After your wax/fragrance mixture is well blended, add your candle dye to your preference of color shade. And again, be sure to always mix well!

Once your scented and colored wax is completely mixed, let this mixture cool to between 185-195 before pouring into the molds to minimize skip lines. *Note: It is not always necessary, but if you are pouring layers, or if you are planning to perform a second pour, be sure that your second pour is 10* hotter than your first pour to minimize lines from the second pour. 

As your candle is cooling within the mold, you will begin to start seeing the mottling designs already coming out in the bottom of the candle. After your candles have completely cooled within their molds, remove the mold sealer, and cut the excess wick.

You may now remove the candle from its mold. The mottling effect will be obvious throughout the entire candle. The designs are beautiful!

 Finish the look with a cute ribbon, or simply set on a shelf as-is, for decoration.

 The IGI 1274 wax is the perfect choice if you are wanting to make a perfect mottled pillar! The color and pattern possibilities are endless!

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Happy Candle & Soap Making!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Green Beer Candles!

St. Patrick's Day 
*Green Beer Candles*

  What are you likely to see on St. Patrick's Day? A whole lot of Green! Green clothes, green decor, and even the increasingly popular tradition of green beer! 

Long ago, the Irish tradition of dropping a clover in one's drink then drinking it all down, was said to bring good luck. Although this hasn't been confirmed as the official starting point of the green-tinted beverage, the first recorded incident of beer being turned green occurred in New York City in 1914. This has given me the inspiration to make this month's blog "Green Beer Candles".

Materials you will need: 
*IGI 4630 Harmony Blend wax (for the top foam)
*Fragrance Oil (I used Irish Cream and it smells AMAZING!)
*Wick Stickums (I used the 20mm size)
*Beer mug (I picked these up at a local thrift shop) 

 First, start by melting your gel wax. Heat gel on direct heat (A Presto Kitchen Kettle works excellent for gel waxes) until it reaches a temperature of 200*. 

As your gel wax is melting, prepare your containers by adhering a wick securely to the center of the base with a Wick Stickum. Set them aside.

Once the gel wax has full melted and it to the desired temperature, go ahead and add your fragrance. *Note:For Low Density gel wax, you will be able to safely use up to 3% (approx. a 1/2oz per lb of wax) Non Polar fragrance with a flash point over 170*. Our Gel Aroma fragrance oils are guaranteed gel safe. Most standard fragrance oils are NOT safe in gel! We recommend using a digital scale for accuracy. Be sure to mix well!

After you have completely mixed the fragrance into the wax, go ahead and add your dye to your preference. I used 1 drop of the Kelly/Lime Liquid Dye per lb. of wax. And again, be sure to mix well! 


You are now ready to pour!
 Note: The low the temperature, the more bubbles there will be in your finished product when you pour.  I poured at exactly 200*, however to get a candle that is more translucent, we recommend pouring at a temperature no higher than 220* to minimize bubbles. When pouring your green gel wax, make sure you leave roughly 1-2" of space at the top, so you can come in later and pour your top layer of "beer foam". 

When poured at cooler temperatures, the gel wax is fairly firm compared to other waxes such as paraffin and soy. There was no need of using a wick centering tool for this project, since the wax held the wick perfectly in the same position that I set it in by hand. When pouring at warmer temperatures, this may not be the case, and I'd recommend using a wick centering tool at that time. 

Once your green gel wax has completely cooled, heat 1lb of the IGI 4630 Harmony Blend Wax to 175*-185*, then add your fragrance. For coloring, the wax already has a very creamy color, so I left it plain and did not add any color. If you were to want to make the top a bit of a deeper creamier color, a very small amount of the Ivory Liquid Candle Dye would work well. Let your wax mixture cool to 160*-180*, then top off your filled container of green gel wax.

 Once fully cooled, trim the excess wick, and you're all done!

These Green Beer candles make wonderful great-smelling gifts and are perfect for decorating! 

 Have a very Happy & Safe St. Patrick's Day everyone!
And may you forever have the Luck of the Irish!

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 Happy Candle & Soap Making!