Wednesday, June 10, 2009

4th Annual BC Convention Update!

Our 4th Annual BC Convention was a big success! We had a great group of attendees and speakers, and received lots of great feedback. There was a good mix of previous attendees as well as new people from all over the country. Everyone had tons of fun and loved meeting other fellow candle & soapmakers. I've gotten so many emails from people telling me how much they enjoyed themselves and how much they learned. It always makes me feel so good to know our convention inspires people and renews their passion for their businesses! I really enjoyed the demos and speakers as well. Everyone did such a great job and they were very educational.

It was quite an eventful weekend. The gift swap went wonderfully with many beautiful baskets and products made by our talented customers, and Tangi did a great job running the swap this year. She also coordinated a dinner gathering at Bubba Gump's where we all had awesome food and fun! Between all the yummy food at Bubba's and the Outback Steakhouse, I'm surprised we all still fit in our clothes, lol! There was also a fundraiser for one of our employees who is going through cancer treatments, that was coordinated by Kim, Jules and Sabrina and we thank them for coming up with the idea to do something so nice for Al and his family. The items donated for the raffle were incredible, and between raffle tickets and cash donations the group was able to raise $2,000! We cannot thank everyone enough for such heartwarming generosity!

The weekend did not go on without a twist... as we discovered Sunday morning that one of our trucks full of supplies was stolen from the parking lot. Luckily the majority of the customer orders were in our enclosed hauling trailer, and only some wax and B&B products were in the other truck that was stolen. But we hated to disappoint those who had items missing. Our customers were so nice and understanding, and we shipped out the missing items to them right away, so everything worked out. The police finally found our truck in another town close by, and we recovered most of the contents aside from a few personal items that were stolen. Thanks to everyone for your understanding, patience and support!

We have updated our online convention photo album with some pics from this year's event, and I have many more pics to add soon. If anyone has more photos to share I would love to add some to the album, so please email copies to me at and I will get more added!

Thanks again to everyone for joining us this year, and we hope to see you again next time! :)