Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Melt & Pour Party Favor Soaps!

    Making Melt & Pour soaps are one of my favorite items to make when it comes to a craft show or needing party favors for a special occasion. Along with the numerous attractive packaging options, there is very little set up time,
and it's a fairly quick process to make dozens of adorable soaps! 
I was wanting to spruce up my kitchen a bit, so I thought this would be a perfect blog topic! 

Supplies needed:
*Melt & Pour Soap Base (I used the Clear base)
*Cosmetic Liquid Dye (I used the Turquoise and Orange)
*Scale (I used the 13 lb Stainless)
*Glass measuring cup (a 2 cup measuring cup works perfectly for a 1 lb. batch)
*Fragrance Oil (I used Black Raspberry Vanilla and Lemon Pucker)
*Knife (to cut the soap base)
*Tart/Embed molds (I used the Poinsettia tart mold)
*Paper Toweling (this is always handy to have for a quick clean up)

The Clear base I chose is crystal clear and not to mention...Vegan! 
All of our bases come in convenient 2 pound trays and are 
scored in cubes for easier cutting and measuring. 
The base is able to be melted either on the stove top, or right in your microwave. 
For this batch, I used the microwave method. 
I weighed out 1 lb of base using a glass measuring cup and a scale
Once the base is melted (130-140 degrees), add your soap safe fragrance oil, 
amount depending on personal preference (average use is approx. 1/2 oz per pound).
Stir well until completely mixed.

For this batch, I wanted the soaps to have a marbled look. 
To get this effect, I waited until the base cooled down to about 100-110 degrees, then as I poured the base into the mold, I dropped a single drop of dye into the stream about once every other second. 
This created beautiful unique designs! 

*Note: A bit of the dye will most likely run at first depending on how much dye you use,
but don't worry! The soap washes it right away!
If anything, it helps you make sure that you are washing your hands well. :) 

After poring into the molds, wait until the base has completely hardened before removing the soaps from the mold. If the soaps are difficult to remove, set in the fridge for about 5-10 minutes, then try again. The soaps should pop out of the molds easily. 

And the best part... 
For clean up or any spills, just grab a dish cloth with some warm water
and it washes away!

These soaps add an attractive personalized touch to any kitchen or bathroom sink 
and serve as a great conversation starter for guests!

Happy Candle & Soap Making!