Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Brand NEW 4oz Mason Jar Candles

~Brand NEW 4oz Mason Jar Candles~
(Made with EZ Parasoy wax)

Bitter Creek has just released a brand new 4oz mason jar!
Since the 8oz mason jars are quite popular, when we came across a smaller 4oz,
we just couldn't resist adding them to our line.
These 4oz jars have the same attractive measurements along the sides,
and are the perfect size to fit right in your hand!
I wanted to show just how attractive these jars are,
so I used the EZ Parasoy wax to help bring out all of the designs when the jars are
filled with a range of different colors.

Materials you will need:
~ Lids (I used the Antique Pewter Lids)
Step 1- Heat the wax to 180-195°. Once the wax reaches desired temp, add your fragrance oil, blend well. Then add your choice of candle dye and again blend well. I personally like to use the Liquid Candle Dyes, as it's fairly easy to achieve specific colors, depending on the amount of dye drops you use each time. With Easter coming up, I used only 1 drop of each dye in each candle, to achieve nice light "Easter" colors.

Step 2- Pour scented wax into jars. This wax should be poured between 165-180°. You will find that this wax will not adhere to the jars under normal circumstances, but instead it will pull away.

Step 3- Place Black Round Wick Centering Tools on jars and secure the wicks, to keep the wicks centered as the candles cool.  

*Note: You'll notice that the EZ Parasoy wax usually leaves a buttery smooth surface after the wax has cooled, rarely ever needing a second pour (if anything, I'd suggest using a heat gun for a couple seconds to smooth a rough surface). You'll also see that this wax does not frost, and rarely ever cracks. The cold and hot throw is amazing and its ability to hold light to bold colors is brilliant!


Step 4 (final step)- Once completely cooled, remove the centering tools, trim the wicks using a scissors, then secure a lid and safety label. Perfect candles!

If there is ever a fun Candle, Soap, or Body product that you would like to see made, we would LOVE to hear from you! Send us a request at today!
Happy Crafting!