Monday, June 15, 2015

24 Carat Sugar Scrub!

Being outside in the sun all day sure gives the skin that perfect summer glow but it can be extremely drying too! After that long weekend camping trip or trip to the beach, between the water and the sun, your skin needs some attention! This scrub is the perfect solution! Use salt or sugar (some areas may be more prone to ants, keep this in mind when choosing the exfoliate) and oil to slough off rough dry skin and to moisturize too! 

Ingredients List (this recipe is for exactly one 8 oz. Mason Jar):
1.5 oz. Brown Sugar
4 oz. Granulated White Sugar
.5 oz. Cyclomethicone
3.5 oz. Rice Bran Oil
.05 oz. Vitamin E
.10 oz. 24 Carat Fragrance Oil
Jars. I used an 8 oz Mason Jar but we also sell awesome plastic jars/lids that will be perfect for this item, especially if you plan to sell them for safety sake!

First blend your sugars together. As I mentioned before you can also use salt. I like a mildly abrasive scrub, so I use mostly white with some brown sugar. You can also add raw, Turbinado Sugar. This is too gritty for me. Jojoba Meal can also be added as can jojoba beads, apricot meal etc. just adjust per your likings. Salts also come in a variety of grains. See what you like best!

Now blend together your oil (I like a light oil like Rice Bran), Vitamin E, Fragrance and Cyclomethicone. I pour the sugar back into the jar and mix using stainless steel utensils until blended, right in the jar. Once it's blended it's ready to use.

This is actually equally good in the winter as in the summer. Dry skin happens year round! Sun and cold both cause it. After using in the shower be sure to rinse well as it can cause it to become slippery. Some people find that this takes the place of lotion for them while others use it every week to slough off the dry skin and use lotion between. scrubs.

Enjoy your perfect summer ready glow with our sugar scrubs!

Happy Crafting!