Saturday, September 1, 2012

A is for Apple.

A is For AppleThere are so many awesome things on sale this month at Bitter Creek I had a hard time choosing what to write about! Since the wax, aluminum molds and Wick Your Wax fo's and Apple Scents are all on sale in September I started thinking a warm smelling fall candle was in order (besides my house needs fall decorating too!). I decided to in the end make a 3" x 4" Drizzled Candle using the Wick Your Wax Mulled Cider. I can't wait to burn it! 

For this candle you will need the following:

Pour your base candle following these instructions:
Place the Wick Pin inside your Pillar Mold and seal the bottom using a piece of mold sealer putty so the wax cannot leak out.


Heat wax and Steric Acid to 180*. Once wax reaches desired temp, add your dye, blend well then add fragrance and again blend well. Allow wax to cool to 160-165 and pour into a room temp or chilled mold. The colder the mold or wax the more rustic the finished candle will be. 

Poke relief holes around the wick of the candle once the wax has become solid but is still pliable. 

After the first pour has cooled some, reheat your reserved wax from your first pour and refill the void (sink hole) in the candle until you reach the level of the first pour. You will want your second pour to be 10* hotter than your first pour to minimize lines from the second pour. Repeat the re-pour process as necessary. To make a rustic finished candle, do not heat the molds and pour the wax at 165*.


 To make a mottled/rustic candle, simply use the wax and no additives or add MottleMaxper product instructions. To make a smooth opaque creamy looking candle add Vybar 103 at the rate of 1/2 tsp per lb of wax. Both can be used to make a rustic cold pour candle. A candle with Vybar 103 or Mottle Max will hold more fragrance oil than one with none.

Finishing Touches!

Although a rustic candle always makes a great centerpiece, I thought it seemed a bit plain for my fall/harvest table. To finish this candle re-heat the left over wax and add some Coffee/Caramel Liquid Candle Dye to make it a dark brown. Allow to cool just until it will pour but stop quickly and pour down the sides of the candle to give it a "drizzled" look. I did add a touch of the IGI 6006 wax to soften the look a bit but that is not necessary.

Enjoy this simple but unique look this fall! For increased value and retail sales try placing them on a cute Tin Candle Plate. Some Rustic Potpourri looks great in the bottom of the bag around the candle and pan as well! Scent some to match the candle!

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