Thursday, October 11, 2012

Harvest Blessings!

Harvest Blessings!

It's fall. I love the scents of the season! Leaves turning, the air cooling and of course warm, spicy scented candles! Mmmmm! I seriously wait all year for this so my cinnamon and exotic spices can come out again!

This month, Bitter Creek South's Newsletter has Holiday scents on sale! I decided to use one of my favorites for an adorable candle to sell at craft shows or give as gifts this year!

A Holiday Wassail Scented Candle is this months project!

You will need:
  • Clear Glass Mug (Mine came from Wal-Mart)
  • Your Choice of wax and wick sized for the diameter of the mug.
    Mine was made from IGI 6006 with a CD 20 wick and orange & coffee liquid dye
    (Need help deciding which wax and wick? We offer LIVE help 9-5 Monday Thru Friday)
  • Homespun or Raffia
  • Dried Spices (I used ground cloves)
Make your candle in the mug per the instructions using Holiday Wassail fragrance.

While that is cooling, take your air freshener blank and rub it down with dried ground spices. I like clove for this project.

Once the candle has cooled, attach the air freshener blank to the front using the raffia or homespun bow.

And here is the finished project! A mug of sweet and spicy Holiday Wassail!

This is a simple project that gives a new and adorable use to the Air Freshener Blanks and gives a fresh spin on a timeless classic!

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