Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Celebrate Independence Day!

This month marks two things, The 4th of July & the Free Sample of NGI Waxes
Free Wax Sample!
All orders of $100 or more are eligible for a FREE 1lb sample of one of the following waxes!
EcoSoya™ CB-135
EcoSoya™ CB-Advanced Soy
EcoSoya™ CB-XceL™
EcoSoya™ Pillar Blend

Supply is limited! One sample per customer. Please make your wax request in the comments section during checkout. 

This made me think that maybe it was a good time to do two things, a blog about an NGI wax, something I haven't done in a while AND something fun for the 4th! So, I thought, I love layered jars! LOVE them! And making them from soy is SO easy and Red, White and Blue candles for the 4th are great! Actually all summer, especially in Texas! 

Set out your supplies

Add your Wick Stickum to your wick,

Place in your jar

add your wick holder

Heat your wax to 175 and add your fragrance.

In a pour pot do the following for each layer: (I made this candle by the layer....but I melted and scented the wax for an entire batch at a time. I use 1 weight oz of scent per lb of wax.)

For the first layer, I used 2.2 weight oz of wax/fragrance and Blue Dye


For the second layer I used 2.4 weight oz of wax/fragrance mix with Red Dye

and for the third and final layer I used 2.5 weight oz of wax/fragrance and no dye

I waited until the wax was just starting to thicken to pour, probably around 100*, Keep the wax moving in the pouring pot so it does not stick to the sides when doing this. This makes the layers faster to pour as it is nearly cooled by the time the layer is poured. Wait about 1/2 hour between layers. This candle can be altered to fit any scent/color combination you can imagine! I've had excellent success selling layered candles over the years. :) Just use your imagination and creativity and anything is possible!

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