Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fathers Day, Wick Your Wax and Tea Lights!

Wick Your Wax scents are on sale this month at Bitter Creek. I know many of our customers have never tried them and if you haven’t this is the PERFECT opportunity for you to give them a whirl! Wick Your Wax Spring Sale! All Wick Your Wax fragrances on sale this month for $2.00 off per pound or $1.00 off an 8 oz bottle!

What makes the Wick Your Wax fragrances different? They are concentrates. The regular line is double strength, meaning if you normally use 1 weight ounce per pound of wax, with these you will use ½ ounce per pound. The Top Shelf Wick Your Wax scents are even stronger!!! When using the Top Shelf, I recommend starting at 1/3 ounce per pound of wax! When comparing the cost, in most cases, using the more expensive WYW scents actually saves you money!

So many men are not huge fans of candles, and soaps or anything they deem “Fru-Fru” but I find men like things that indeed are manly and smell nice both! Three of my top selling “man scents” are Tuxedo from the WYW Top Shelf & Sage & Citrus from the regular Wick Your Wax line have been a hit with my personal male clientele for a decade!  Try these scents Soap, Man Candles, Lotions and Body and Room Spray! Perfect Storm has been a consistent seller for me in Candles, Room Sprays and Incense! I have chosen to use this scent this month for a tutorial on how to make Tea Light Candles.

Supplies List:
Wick Your Wax Perfect Storm
Blue Liquid Candle Dye
IGI 2281 Straight Paraffin with 1/2 tsp per lb of wax Vybar 260 OR IGI 4794 Votive Blend. Both work excellent! I used the IGI 2281 and Vybar for this.


Weigh out the amount of wax you need on a digital scale. For 1 dozen candles, you will need to melt 6.5 weight ounces of wax. You can do this in a double boiler, a Presto Kitchen Kettle or a commercial wax melter. Heat the wax to 180*

While your wax is melting, place your Tea Light cups together and straighten and set your wicks near them.


Weigh out your fragrance oil and add your dye. For this I used one drop of Blue. The more you add the darker it will be. I used .2 weight oz of WYW Perfect Storm and 6.5 weight oz of wax. I do this directly in to my pouring pot.

Once your wax is up to temperature (check with a thermometer), remove it from the heat and place in a pouring pot if it isn’t already. 

If you used your pour pot to melt the wax, set it on a digital scale and use the tare feature to zero out the weight and weigh in the fragrance and add the dye as done in the previous step. Stir well.

You are now ready to pour the candles. Pour each candle about 3/4 full and insert your wick.

Allow the candles to cool until they are solid but pliable and adjust the wick. Be careful not to pull too hard or you can pull the wick out of the tab. Let the candle continue to cool until you are ready to do a final pour

Re-heat your wax using a double boiler. Be sure to re-position the wicks so they are centered. Heat to 185* and re-pour the tea light until it is just full.

Allow the candles to fully cool and package.

We sell a variety of great packaging for tea lights. Clear and Frosted boxes and Clear Tubes

Here is an example of our Clear Tea Light Box filled! These are a great seller!

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