Monday, May 7, 2012

Falling forward to Fall shows!

I tend to think a few months ahead in the game of making and selling candles and body care. I am a wholesaler for the most part. My shops are buying ahead sometimes 4-5 months! I am already putting the finishing touches on my Christmas line. This year I've decided to add Pinecone Fire starters! They are SO pretty and smell SOOO good!

Simple directions for this quick and profitable item!

You will need Wax (I used the IGI 4625 but any hard paraffin wax will work!)
Dye (I used Burgundy Liquid Dyes)
Fragrance (I used Mulled Cider, mmmmm! Such a yummy scent!)
and Wicks or String! (I used zinc core wicking)

Melt your wax. While the wax is melting wrap wick pieces around the cones to use as holders while dipping. They will also be the way the cones are lit later on!

Take your pinecones and dip them into the wax to form a base. I did this before adding the color and scent but that really doesn't matter. Just be sure the wax is hot 175-185* so that it will penetrate the cone to leave a nice solid base for the latter layers to adhere to.

Set aside the cones on wax paper to cool.

Now with scented and colored wax if you did not in the last step, allow the wax to slighly cool so it will build up vs. melt off the pinecone...dip, allow to drip off and set on the wax paper to cool.

Repeat the process until you have achieved your desired look.

These are pretty and sell easily at fall and winter shows! Average prices are $9-15 for a bag of 9. Use different colors with different scents. Also a great way to use up extra wax!!!! The better the packaging the more they will sell for! Include instructions and have some out for people to sniff!!!

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