Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wonderful Water Crystals!

Who doesn't love a small area room freshener? Water Crystals work great to make "Smelly Jellies"!

These amazing little beads absorb up to 400 times their weight in water! Match your color to any decor simply by blending a water based dye (Our FD&C Liquid Bath and Body Dyes!) and scent according to your preference! Smelly Jellies are great in small spaces. The Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen. Try one in the Camper or RV for a little freshen up! Use one in your office for a "pick me up"! Put them in a sunny window for an even stronger fragrance release!

You Will Need

Water Crystals
Fragrance Oil
Liquid Bath & Body Dye
Glass Jar with Daisy Cut Out Lid
Distilled Water
Measuring Cups and Spoons

Directions for Water Crystals
  • Fill a measuring cup with 6 oz. of distilled water. (Warmer water works faster)
  • Add a few drops of liquid Bath & Body dye for desired color.
  • Stir in 1 - 2 teaspoons fragrance oil.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of Water Crystals.

  • Mix all ingredients and allow to sit for approx. an hour or so. The crystals will soak up the water and expand into little gel-like pieces.

  • Makes enough to fill an 8 oz. Jelly Jar.


  • Jelly Jars look cute with net, lace, or thin material in the lids (using only the rim and leaving out the middle piece)! This helps keep dust off your smelly jellies.
  • Pick a material that goes with your product theme, such as country. Or you could pick a material to match the scents, like fruits, flowers, etc!
  • You can also use smelly jellies in potpourri warmers for an even stronger scent! (They can tend to "spit" as the water evaporates. Be sure to keep them well hydrated! Keeping a lace of net covering over the jar also helps prevent this
  • Smelly Jellies make great Baby Shower Favors.
  • Sell Lavender, Lavender Vanilla or Rosemary Mint scented Smelly Jellies as inhalation for Stress relief!
  • Use all natural essential oils to make Aromatherapy Jellies!


Fill a Jar or Bowl with unscented Water Crystals as a Centerpiece for a Party or Wedding. Use with a floating candle or Tea light!

(If you are going to use with a flame, do not scent the Water Crystals to prevent fire!)

Remember, any air freshener that is not heated or circulated will not "throw" like a candle or a tart!
Heat and circulation are what make the scent throw into the air, and without any heat source nothing is going to throw like a candle
or room spray. Room temp air freshener items can only do so much.


•Keep out of the reach of children and pets!
The fragrance will last for several months, depending on the fragrance, use, and exposure. Refresh as the water evaporates using Distilled Water!

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