Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rainbow in a Jar

Rainbows are happy! You can make a rainbow in a jar using our Aroma Beads! These amazing clear plastic beads that absorb up to 30% fragrance oil can be dyed to match any d├ęcor or color! Aroma Beads work great as Air Fresheners in Cars, RV’s, Closets and in small Office Spaces. Aroma Beads also work well in sachet bags in drawers, luggage and linen closets. Place a tablespoon of beads on the floor and suck up into the vacuum cleaner for a scent that emits as you clean! Set Aroma Beads out in a bowl as dry potpourri. You can add glitter or mica to the dry beads, they can be colored or clear. You can add dried floral pieces, shells etc. to add interest as well. Make single colors, or get creative and do layers or do as we have and make a Rainbow mix! Great for holiday theme color combos! Put them in a sunny window for an even stronger fragrance release!

You Will Need

Aroma Beads
Fragrance Oil
Liquid Candle Dye

5 Glass Jars with Lids (for mixing the beads)
Glass Jar with Daisy Cut Out Lid

Directions for Aroma Bead Jars

For this particular jar, I used five colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Blue.

•For each jar I weighed .2 weight oz of fragrance with 1-2 drops of liquid candle dye into my jar.

•Once the dye and scent are in my jars, I added .7 weight oz of beads for each color.

•Put your lid tight and shake your jar until all the beads are saturated. It can take anywhere from 1 day to over a week for the beads to completely absorb all of the oil, it will vary with different fragrances. Keep shaking the jar every few hours! At first it will seem soupy and look as if it will not soak up the oil... but be patient! The oil will eventually soak in!

•Once the oil is absorbed, you are done! Pour the beads into your jar in a rainbow layer! You can also add a bit of our White Mica Powder to the clear beads too for a shimmering, pearl effect!

Directions for Aroma Ornies

•First make your scented & colored Aroma Beads as directed above.
•Choose metal cookie cutters in the shapes & sizes you want for your ornaments.
•Lay them on a metal non-stick cookie sheet. Fill each shape with the beads, completely covering the bottom with a layer about 1/4" deep.

•Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 5 - 10 minutes or until you can see that the beads have melted together. Baking times will vary with different ovens.

•Watch them carefully!
*Note: They will not be smooth like glass, they will be bumpy.
*If you want a hole in the top for hanging, stand a flat head nail on it's head where you want the hole to be.

Remove from oven with pot holders, and set on stove top to cool. A small amount of smoking is normal when they first come out. Allow tray to cool completely before touching! Next, carefully remove the cookie cutters.
*I prefer to cool mine in the freezer for a few minutes, which helps them release from the cookie cutters easier.

Once you remove the cutters, your ornament will be stuck to the pan, but it will peel off the non-stick metal fairly easily. Don't be alarmed if it feels stuck. They may feel like they won't budge at first, but once you start to pull it up it will peel off.
Peel the shapes off the sheet, and they are done! You can use a sharp tipped object like a nail to make a small hole near the top, and string some thin cord through to hang it with. Or try using a paper hole punch for thicker ribbon!


•Aroma Beads make great Wedding Favors. An ounce of beads in a Sachet Bag with a cute label is perfect!
•Try some fun color combos: Green & Red for Christmas, Black & Orange for Halloween, Pastels for Easter and baby showers! Or match your local school colors, or your favorite sports team colors! Or the colors of a wedding for favors! A mix or layers of bright rainbow colors would look great, or try a mix of fall colors like rust, gold, burgundy and brown! The possibilities are endless
•Package your Aroma Beads in our Jelly Jars, or any clear jar!
•Try this! Fill the lids of your apothecary jars with Aroma Beads in the scent to match the candle!
•Use Aroma Beads as a scented stuffing for Aroma Bears!
•Sell Eucalyptus & Peppermint scented Aroma Beads in a small jar as inhalation beads for sinus relief!
•Use all natural essential oils to make Aromatherapy Beads! People can carry a small sachet or bag in their purse or briefcase and whiff throughout the day for stress relief or rejuvenation!

Scent Throw

Remember, any air freshener that is not heated or circulated will not "throw" like a candle or a tart! Heat and circulation are what make the scent throw into the air, and without any heat source nothing is going to throw like a candle or room spray. Room temp air freshener items can only do so much. Aroma Beads need to be placed in an open dish where air will circulate to allow the fragrance to flow. The beads also need to be shaken around every now & then to "refresh" them and release the scent. Setting a sachet in front of an air vent in your house or car will help circulate the fragrance.


•Do not set sachets or ornies on wood surfaces as the oils can stain the wood!
•Do not set them on painted surfaces or plastic surfaces as the oils can damage these surfaces
•Do not use in a tart warmer or potpourri burner as the beads can melt!
•Keep out of the reach of children and pets!
The fragrance will last for several months, depending on the fragrance, use, and exposure.

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