Friday, March 25, 2016

Sliceable Mini Bundt Cake Wax Melts!

I love the cute Mini Bundt Cake Molds we sell but they were too small to make freestanding candles for me, my customer wants BIG candles! I have pondered for ages over what to make from them and finally realized with as hot as wax melts are right now, this was the perfect time to try making sliceable wax melts in them!

The next problem was what wax would mold and still be able to slice? Finally, through trial and error testing, I came up with the perfect blend of solid and sliceable that still came out of the molds. It was perfect! For this particular project, which made 4 Mini Bundt Cake Sliceable Melts, I used the following:

4 Mini Bundt Cake Molds
Pumpkin/Spice Liquid Candle Dye
12 Weight Ounces Ez Parasoy Wax
2.5 Weight Ounces Crisco Shortening
1 Weight Ounce Pumpkin Crème Brulee Fragrance Oil

The Crisco may sound odd but it is just soybean oil, the same as the soy in the wax only not as fully hydrogenated. This allows the wax to be soft enough to cut easily! The scent throw from these are amazing as well. I think you and your customer both will love them!
To make these, weigh out your wax, and Crisco and melt together until fully melted. Add your dye, I would add between 2-4 drops to this depending on how deep you’d like your color to be. Once the wax is melted and dye blended, add your fragrance, stir well and pour into the molds.

Allow the wax to fully cool and remove the Mini Bundt Melts. At this point you could package them and be done or you can melt a small amount of plain, unscented wax and pour over the tops as a drizzle icing. Allow the wax to get pretty cool, just above the congealing point before pouring so that it drips and drizzles and doesn’t melt the wax below. 

Now you are done! These adorable wax melts are nothing ordinary and for the lover of all things bakery may be the best thing since a clamshell melt! Try different combinations like the Lemon Pound Cake, Cinnamon Bun, Country Berry Hotcakes to name a few. I am sure your customers will LOVE them too!

Happy Candlemaking!

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