Monday, March 21, 2016

Fizzing Bath Bombs!

Making Bath Bombs is fun. Or should I say using Bath Bombs is fun? Either way, I love these amazing bath treats and I've discovered a way to make them over the years that cuts out a lot of the "pre fizz" that other methods create. I've broken down my method and created a pictorial for you to follow to make the best Bath Bombs you've ever used! These make a great gift for anyone that loves a good, hot bath and are great for Bridal Shower and Baby Shower favors too!

To start you will need the following items:
1 Cup Baking Soda
1/2 Cup Citric Acid
1/2 Cup Corn Starch
1/4 Cup Fine Grade Sea Salt
1/4 Cup Epsom Salt
2 1/2 Tablespoon Cyclomethicone
2 teaspoons Fruity Loops Fragrance
Bright Blue Gel Tones Color
Bright Red Gel Tones Color

3/4-1 Tablespoon Water or Witch Hazel

First blend together your Fine Grade Sea Salts and the Epsom Salts in one bowl, and split that into two separate Pyrex and add dye and blend them together well.

Now blend together the Baking Soda and Corn Starch and again split in half placing equal amounts in the Pyrex with the colored Salts. Once they are together, blend this mixture super well.

To each Pyrex now add just shy of 1 teaspoon water, 1 1/4 Tablespoon Cyclomethicone, and 1 teaspoon Fruity Loops Fragrance and blend super well. This will create almost a crumbly dough texture. Once blended well, add your Citric Acid. To each color, I added 1/4 Cup. Adding this last prevents the reaction or fizz from happening before they are made and keeping the finished product as fizzy as possible!

Now its time to form the Bath Bombs. You can use our Bath Bomb Fizzy Scooper or any other mold. I used half of a plastic Easter egg to make these. You can also use small tart molds, ice cube trays etc. Just be sure to pack the mixture really good into the molds or they will fall apart. Compressing it is the key!

Once your Bath Bombs are molded, place them on a sheet of wax paper overnight to dry. This will ensure they get hard enough to package well. If you live in a very humid climate, these may be difficult to make without the aid of an air conditioner pulling the humidity from the room. The humidity itself can cause the reaction to happen.

Once your Bath Bombs are dried, it is time to package them. I like using Cellophane Bags, Mason Jars or Shrink Wrap to prevent moisture from the air reaching them. These are super nice feeling on the skin and the aroma is divine! Try using various scents and colors and even mixing more than one color in the mold for layered or swirly Bombs! Kids love these too and darker colors will lightly tint the bath water too! I posted a video of one being placed into a bowl of water so you can see the reaction they make. You can find that video here on our Facebook Page!

Happy Candle & Soap Making!

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