Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Layered Embed Soap

It's January and it's been colder than cold here in Minnesota. Every time it gets this cold, I think of spring and summer! This month it led me to one of my favorite scents at BCS which is the Dogwood. Dogwood is a floral unlike anything else I've ever smelled before and I typically am not much for floral scents at all. So once I had a scent I actually molded a project around it. Seems sort of backward in retrospect but sometimes I just work best like that. *smiles* For this month's blog, I am going to do what I always called "Stained Glass Soaps" when I sold them. I like making them and love the fact that no two will ever be exactly the same using this method.

Here is the supplies list:
Clear and White Melt and Pour Soap
FD&C Liquid Bath and Body Dye
Fragrance Oil
Mold Also available at BCN!
Rubbing Alcohol in a Fine Mist Spray Bottle

First, take your white soap and carve off some curls. It will take some practice but the good news is you can always melt it & re-mold it if you make a mistake. Use your imagination! Thinner or thicker, they all work as long as they stick together! (do not scent this part)

After you've made your curls pour a small amount of the melted clear soap base into the bottom of your mold (*Pour this a little cooler than normal so it does not melt the curls when you insert/pour over them) , spritz liberally with rubbing alcohol to prevent bubbles and aid in adhesion. Once you've done this, insert your curls into the soap and allow it to set up. Once set, re-melt the soap base again (This part I do not scent so it can be re-used) and allow to cool so it does not melt the curls and again liberally spritz with the rubbing alcohol and pour the soap into the mold to fill it.

Let the soap set, remove from mold, cut to size and spritz liberally with rubbing alcohol as you position it in the mold so it is adhered to the bottom (to avoid soap from slipping under it when you pour the next layer.

Next spritz liberally once again with rubbing alcohol & pour a layer clear colored melted soap half way up the embedded piece in the mold. Spritz with alcohol again after poured to pop any bubbles.

Finally melt your white layer (or you can skip the clear layer and do all opaque soap around the clear for more contrast) and pour over the soap. You can pour over the "embedded" area OR you can leave it open so light shines through, both look amazing! Be sure to once again spritz with alcohol to prevent bubbles! :)

I hope that you will try making this soap soon! It's a bit more creative than the average melt and pour and yet still simple enough to create, even in volume!

Happy Soaping!

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