Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reed Diffisers

As we bring in 2014, I keep thinking of all the wonderful scents I love to have around me all winter. For me, it's warm comforting scents, scents that remind me of the crisp outdoors and spicy scents! 

This months blog is on how to turn this into an all day, every day scent by making Reed Diffusers! Unlike wax melts that require electricity and candles that require a flame or even a room spray that only lasts so long, Reed Diffusers are a full time fragrance option! Great for your office, bedroom, bathroom, dorm room or anywhere you want scent!

Here is what you will need to make the Reed Diffusers:

Window Front Bags

4 oz Bullet Bottle PET with Black Flip Cap
Reed Diffuser Base
8 oz Mason Jar
Vented Daisy Lid
Aroma Flex Wands
Fragrance Oil

First, measure out the amount of fragrance you want. Recommended use is 20-40% fragrance. I used 40% or 1.6 weight oz of fragrance for mine and the remainder of 2.4 oz Reed Diffuser Base. Blend these two items together in your PET bottle. Next, place the jar with the lid on, inside the bag and the reeds. I find they fit best if you "pre-twist" the reeds around a pencil and place them in the jar, then place the oil next to it in the bag. Simply place directions for use on a paper inside the bag and label the bag with your business label.

Reed diffusers are best placed in areas with good airflow to carry the fragrance through the room. A bottle of reed diffuser can last up to several months, depending on the size of the bottle, and the number of reeds used. Make sure the bottle or jar you use is short enough to allow the wands to "fan" or spread out for the best fragrance diffusion. We also recommend labeling your product with a caution to place in an area out of reach of children and pets, where it is least likely to be knocked over, as the oil can stain or damage some surfaces and can be harmful to children or pets if spilled on them or ingested.

Our Reed Diffuser Base is formulated to blend with most fragrance or essential oils. Reed base is VOC compliant. It is a clear, odorless, low viscosity liquid designed to easily "wick up" or absorb into the reeds without clogging. This allows for complete dispersion into the air for maximum fragrance throw. Simply mix this unscented base with any of our fragrance oils or your favorite essential oils! Recommended usage is 20% fragrance, but up to 40% fragrance can be used. You will need to test small batches to determine the best results. Adjustments may need to be made depending on the strength and viscosity of the fragrance oil being used (thicker oils may need a higher dilution ratio in order to facilitate proper reed absorption and diffusing, clarity and thorough blending). Our base is alcohol-free and has no detectable odor or color. A tiny drop of liquid candle dye can be added to color your diffuser oils for a more exciting look in clear glassware. Be aware that fragrance oils often have a color of their own, which can affect the finished color once dye is added.

Measuring Examples: 20% fragrance load = .8 oz FO to 3.2 oz Base = 4 oz total bottle 30% fragrance load = 1.2 oz FO to 2.8 oz Base = 4 oz total bottle 40% fragrance load = 1.6 oz FO to 2.4 oz Base = 4 oz total bottle.

Reed diffusers make a great flameless alternative to candles for those who prefer not to use flame or electric warmers. They can also be accessorized to make a beautiful decoration! Try adding small sea shells, colored glass marbles, small river rocks, etc to the bottom of your diffuser bottles! Sets of 6 to 12 diffuser reeds, 4 to 16 oz reed fragrance and a diffuser bottle/vase currently retail in the marketplace for anywhere from around $29.95 or less in chain stores, and up to $76.00 in upscale boutiques! Lots of room for great profits!

Happy Crafting!!!

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