Friday, July 12, 2013

Squeezable Scented Wax!

With the continued use of electric candle warmers and electric melt warmers I kept thinking about a product that I saw MANY years ago, a squeezable wax melt. Of course you have to be able to "squeeze" it out of a bottle and let's be honest, wax is hard and doesn't squeeze. So my quest began to figure this out. So this week I've tested out a few various waxes I had in my shop and voila, found a winning combination! It looks smooth, it feels smooth and best yet, it really DOES squeeze out!

These are pretty simple to make really and use a lot of products you most likely already have.

Supply List:
IGI 6006
*Soybean Oil OR Mineral Oil (this can be purchased locally or through BC North)
Fragrance (I used Red Hot Cinnamon! mmmm!)
**HDPE Bottle

*Using Mineral Oil vs. Soybean Oil will GREATLY extend the shelf life of your product. If using Veg Oil the shelf life will only be about 1 year. If using Mineral Oil it will not have an expiration date. I'd use veggie for personal use and mineral oil for retail sales myself.

**Because of the higher fragrance concentration I would recommend HDPE bottles. Also HDPE is not as "hard" as PET and thus will "squeeze" better. 

To make, melt your wax as usual, then while still hot, add the fragrance & Color, blend and then add the oil. You may find you need to warm this up slightly to get it all incorporated well. These are very quick and easy to make! Allow the mixture to cool to about 145-150* and pour into the HDPE bottles.

I found that mixing 1 part wax with 2 parts oil worked well. If it is a bit stiffer than you'd like, add a bit more oil. If it is a bit too liquid for your taste, add a bit less oil. I did use about a 12% fragrance load in this product. I used 1 weight oz of fragrance for a combined 8 oz of wax & oil mixture. You could also use soy wax, Ez Soy would be a great choice or any other single pour container wax should do well. It would just be a matter of adjusting the amount of oil to wax.

To use, simply squeeze a little into your warmer and watch it melt! The scent will last a long time and clean up is easy! This product will store easily on a shelf in a cabinet. Give this a try! Your customers will love it!

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Happy Melt Making!

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