Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pretty Palms!

Bitter Creek North offers Palm Waxes that are sustainable, Eco-friendly and virtually soot free! Palm waxes are one of the most beautiful waxes. What many don't know is they can be made into a container candle that looks beautiful as well as in a pillar or votive and even used as melts! Palm has excellent scent throw and an even more incredible appearance making it a win/win in a selling environment! Palm wax creates a unique crystal structure within the candles interior and exterior during the cooling process that creates patterns that look similar to the star burst pattern of natural granite or the soft sweep of a feather. Our palm waxes come from RSPO sources and are made from 100% natural palm based raw materials and contain no paraffin/polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. Both come in granular form for easy weighing and storage. A very versatile wax with an exceptionally unique look

Shown to the left is a photo with both the Feather and Granite Palm waxes. Bitter Creek offers both. Both have a unique look to them but both are equally beautiful. For this container demonstration I used the Feather blend. What you will need is: 

Shopping List:

Feather Palm

CD 14 wick. This will work well in a Jelly Jar with most scents and this wax.
Fragrance, for this I used Persimmon Spice
Liquid Dye, I used Burgundy
Wick Stickums
Jelly Jar
Round Black Wick Centering Holder (Standard Mason Jar) 

Palm wax is best suited for use in seamless aluminum molds and clear glass containers. Liquid, chip and powdered dyes seem to work best in palm waxes. Other dyes may interrupt the crystalline structure and appearance of the wax.

Heat wax to 205-210* add dye, blend well and then add fragrance and blend well. Feather palm wax will hold up to 6% fragrance by weight. Pour the wax between 200-205* into heated molds for best results. This wax will require re pours. Wait until the surface of the candle has crusted over, poke multiple relief holes through the surface of the candle around the wick and about 3/4 of the way down the candle, the candle center will still be fluid at this point and fill with reserved wax heated 10* hotter than the first pour. Repeat this process as needed. Palm waxes should be cooled a slowly as possible to inhibit the crystal structure to form fully. This can be done in a Styrofoam cooler or other insulated box. It is advised to use mold release when making palm candles in any mold.

As the candle cools you will begin to see the crystals forming. It's really pretty to watch! These candles are so beautiful! They also are very durable in terms of shipping and shelf handling in a retail climate. 

If you have not tested out our palm waxes, give them a try! They are certainly wonderful attention grabbers!
Tip: (Feather Palm Pillars shown here) Try making some palm wax candles for the upcoming Christmas Holiday season! These would be beautiful on display using Christmas colors, dancing under the lights!
Some ideas are:
Mistletoe: Green
Spice: Red
Frankinscense & Myrrh: Gold

Just think of the new doors you will open with candles this beautiful to look at! :)

Happy Candle Making!

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