Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gulf Tides

Whew! We made it through the Holiday season once again! What does that mean? It means summer is peeking at us just around the corner! For those of you that wholesale, that means picking out and testing along with launching new items for summer! Always my favorite season!

The beach, the sun, the sand and surf! I can't wait to sink my feet in every year! This months project brings a little bit of the beach home.

What you will need:

IGI 6006
Roly Poly jar or other container of your choosing (I got this from a major discount store in the craft area)
Wick, I used a CD 18 for this jar which is about 3 1/8"
Wick Stickum
Wick Holder Clip
Fragrance (I used Gulf Tides™ Reminiscent of salty air skimming over ocean swells to kiss the sandy dunes.)
Brown Dye (I used brown block)
Blue Dye (I used Blue Liquid)

Green Dye (I used Green Liquid)

First wick your clean jar and attach the wick rod.

Now pour your first layer, the sand....wait until it is a bit cool and tilt the container just a bit so it's not a straight line. I tilted right, left, top bottom just slightly. I used 1.5 weight oz of wax for this layer.

Now it's time for the ocean. Pour 2 oz into a pot with 2 drops green and repeat in the second pot with blue this time. Allow the wax to cool until its cool enough to begin sticking to the pot as it's swirled around. At the same time take one pot on one side and the other on the other and pour them together to create a swirling effect.


For the last layer, I will use 1 oz of wax with the slightest hint of blue. I just used my last pot with the blue residue for this for the sky. I poured at about 175*.

I used a heat gun right after pouring the last layer to smooth over the ocean and blend it into the sky but I left the sand. This step is optional.

This can be modified to alter the colors or container to your likings. I hope this brings you all feelings of warmth and sunshine!

Happy Candlemaking!

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