Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Smell the Rainbow!

I love the smell of Fruit Loops cereal. I mean love it! Bitter Creek has a scent that is every bit as good, in fact people often smell the candle and give me a shocked look like..."How did you do that?!". It's one of those moments that make me love what I do more and more! Since we are fast approaching the spring show season I thought I should do the blog on these amazing fruit scented candles! I can't think of anywhere these wouldn't sell like hotcakes and believe it or not, are actually quite simple to make! I sell mine in my market for $24.00 each with absolutely no problem...which makes them also quite profitable to make!

To start you will need to have the following:
IGI 6006
18 oz Apothecary Jar
Your choice of Lid
Fruity Loops Fragrance Oil
Red Dye
Orange Dye
Yellow Dye
Green Dye
Blue Dye
Purple Dye

Begin by weighing out your melted wax. To the top like I've poured, this jar holds 16.5 weight oz of the IGI 6006. Keep in mind different waxes have different densities so figure out what your jar holds before you make one of these. Since I know mine hold exactly 16 weight oz, what I do is weigh out the wax, add the fragrance at 1 oz. and then set it aside. I then use a digital scale and divide the scented wax evenly between 7 Pour Pots. So at this point you should have exactly 17.5 weight oz of scented wax. Divided by 7 = 2.5 weight oz per pot. At this point, I like to color each of them to my desired shade. For these I used the Shades Liquid Dyes.

The first color will be the darkest, in this case Purple. Again, this is 2.5 weight oz of the scent/wax mix. Allow this to set up fully so that it is solid before pouring the next layer.Pour this layer as normal at 175*.

The second color will be the blue. Keep it rainbow colored! Again, be sure the previous layer is fully set before pouring the next. You don't want your colors to run! Pour this and remaining layers at 170*.

Next Will be the yellow. BE SURE the green is set up before you pour this layer or your yellow will become green. This is true for every layer but it is especially important with the yellow layer.

Now comes the orange. Again making sure that your last layer is set, now pour this one. Be sure now to keep your wicks centered in the jar with each layer. This is very important!

This layer will be your final layer before the last pour. After this layer I recommend allowing the candle to cool for about 4-5 hours before doing the final pour to allow for any sinking that may occur.

This is the final layer. Be sure that this layer is poured after allowing it time to fully cool. Pour this layer at 175 to be sure it adheres to the layer below it. This will be the final layer and will top off the rainbow! :)

Enjoy your beautiful layered candle! It has never been easier to make a more beautiful fruity candle for spring and summer that is sure to be the hit of all your shows! 

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