Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spring Mottled Pillar Candles

First Day of Spring
*Spring Mottled Pillar Candles*

   Mottled candles are a very popular item these days. "Mottling" is an effect that looks very similar to snow, that will appear throughout your finished candle. This effect is not produced with all paraffin waxes, however we do offer a few paraffin waxes that make it easy to achieve this signature look, without the need of additional additives. 

The IGI 1274 wax is capable of producing this amazing mottled appearance. There are other waxes that produce more of a random layout of mottling throughout areas of the candle, whereas the IGI 1274 will produce a more even over-all mottling throughout the entire candle. With the first day of Spring coming up in just a few short weeks, I'll be working with this wax to create a series of "Spring Mottled Pillar Candles".

Materials you will need:
*Fragrance Oil (I used our new fragrance Apple Flower (BBW Type) as well as Spring Rain)
*Candle Dye (I used the Purple/Violet as well as the Blue/Sky Liquid Candle Dyes)
*Square or Flat Braid Cotton Wick (I used the 1/0 Square Braid Cotton wick for a 3" diameter pillar)

First, start by melting your wax until it reaches a temperature of 190-200*. 

As your wax is melting, start preparing your candle molds

Cut a length of cotton wick that will be a bit longer than the mold, so you have a bit extra to tie to a wick holder once your wax is poured.


Seal the bottom of the mold, by applying Mold Sealer in a thick layer around the entire wick that is protruding from the wick hole on the bottom of the mold.

 Set your prepared molds off to the side while you work with your wax. A clean and organized work area will vastly decrease the chances of a spill!

As soon as your wax reaches the appropriate temp, go ahead and add your choice of fragrance. A fragrance load of 6% is possible in this particular wax. Be sure to mix well!

After your wax/fragrance mixture is well blended, add your candle dye to your preference of color shade. And again, be sure to always mix well!

Once your scented and colored wax is completely mixed, let this mixture cool to between 185-195 before pouring into the molds to minimize skip lines. *Note: It is not always necessary, but if you are pouring layers, or if you are planning to perform a second pour, be sure that your second pour is 10* hotter than your first pour to minimize lines from the second pour. 

As your candle is cooling within the mold, you will begin to start seeing the mottling designs already coming out in the bottom of the candle. After your candles have completely cooled within their molds, remove the mold sealer, and cut the excess wick.

You may now remove the candle from its mold. The mottling effect will be obvious throughout the entire candle. The designs are beautiful!

 Finish the look with a cute ribbon, or simply set on a shelf as-is, for decoration.

 The IGI 1274 wax is the perfect choice if you are wanting to make a perfect mottled pillar! The color and pattern possibilities are endless!

If there is ever a fun candle or Bath & Body product that you would like seen made, we would love to hear from you! Please send your requests to info@candlesupply.com. :)

Happy Candle & Soap Making!

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