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Layered Paraffin Christmas Pillars

Layered Paraffin Christmas Pillars!

Pillar Candles are a great item to have on-hand for the holiday season. Everyone is out looking for that perfect gift for that special someone. What better gift to give, than a memorable piece of home decor that will add a cherished holiday ambience to any household!

This month I wanted to make a set of slanted layered pillars for more of a rustic look. Let's get started!

Materials you will need:

*Pillar Wax (I used the IGI 1343 straight paraffin)

First thing's first... start by melting your wax

As you are waiting for the wax to reach its desired temperature, (For the IGI 1343, this would be 190-200*), gather your candle molds, fragrance, dye, and candle wick.

Start prepping your candle molds by inserting the wick, and sealing off the mold's wick hole around the wick. There are a variety of tools that will help prevent wax spillage from the bottom of the mold as the hot wax is poured in. A couple ways include Mold Sealer Putty, as well as Mold Plugs

Quick Tip: Whenever I make pillar molds, I always like to keep each mold on a paper plate, just in case of an accidental spill from the bottom of the mold, it makes for a much easier clean-up. 

Once your wax has reached its desired temperature, measure out your wax, then add your fragrance and candle dye
*Since the first layer that you will pour, will be the top of the finished pillar candle, I kept this layer white. I only added fragrance to this layer, and I did not use any candle dye.

Melted wax & fragrance mixture

While pouring the first layer, keep the candle mold upright straight, then after all wax for the first layer has been poured, then use a container (I used a cereal bowl) to prop up the mold as you tilt the entire mold to one side.

First layer of wax on a flat surface

First layer of wax after propped up slanted using a bowl

Candle Mold propped up slanted using a bowl

If you want to achieve nice even layers without any color blending from one layer to the next, you will want to wait until the first layer is hard enough so it is completely cooled and solidified. 

 Solidifying first layer of wax

Solidifying first layer of wax

Since I was going for a more rustic look, I poured the second layer once there was a fairly thick surface of solidified wax on the first layer, but while the center was still warm, so the layers would blend a bit. Be sure to pour the next layer 10* hotter than the first layer, to ensure that the layers stick together. If the next layer is poured too cool, the layers will likely break apart.

Second layer of hot Red Wax

Second layer of Cooled Solidified Red Wax

Repeat this process for every layer you plan on making. The final affects will drastically change, based on the temperature at which you pour all of your layers at. After pouring a few candles with the IGI 1343, you will be able to get a good sense of what temperatures will effect the the candle a certain way. For a smoother candle, you will want to pour at a warmer temperature into a heated mold around 185-195*. For a non-smooth primitive looking candle, you will want to pour a bit cooler into a non-heated mold around 165*. 

Pouring 3rd layer of hot Green Wax

3rd layer of hot Green Wax

Now for the fun part! 
After pouring your very last layer, wait until the wax has completely cooled and solidified. Snip the wick off at the base. 

Completely cooled and solidified pillar w/ clipped wick at the base

Flip the candle mold and watch the candle glide right out of the mold. Careful so you don't drop it!!! 

Finished layered pillar candle

Note: With some paraffin waxes, using a mold release agent is recommended, however I have never found difficulty with removing a fully cooled pillar while using the IGI 1343. Just one more of the benefits of using this great paraffin wax!

The possibilities are endless with layering pillar candles! From Candy Cane stripes, to White "Snow Top" Palm Wax Pillars, have fun while bringing out your creative side! 
After all, 'Tis the season!

I hope this project has given you a new idea to try out for the holiday season! 
If there is ever a fun candle or Bath & Body product that you would like seen made,
Please send your requests to :)
Happy Candle & Soap Making!

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