Monday, February 15, 2016

Dare To Be Different With Diffusers!

This month we have a newsletter special on the Aroma Flex Wands! Buy any 16 oz. Bottle of Reed Diffuser Base and get a pack of 12" Aroma Flex Wands (20) FREE! This makes it the perfect time them yourself. There is a lot of room for markup when selling these fabulous smelling creations!  Reed Diffusers are an easy way to liven up any d├ęcor and add awesome fragrance at the same time! Reed Diffusers are simple to make and yet can really look fabulous! Using simple or unique items, you can create a look that is perfect for any style and any fragrance you choose!

For this project, I used a mix of items I had on hand, some from the grocery store, some from the dollar store and of course much of it from right here at Bitter Creek! These are items I then assembled to make these three uniquely different diffusers.

Master Supply List:
Reed Diffuser Base
Fragrance Oils in Pumpkin Cheesecake, Gulf Tides and Vanilla Extract
Reed Diffuser Flex Wands
Liquid Candle Dyes in Blue, Green and Pumpkin
Vases (dollar store)
Spices (grocery store)
Marbles (dollar store)

The first Diffuser Vase is one that I made for my kitchen. I am a lover of all things warm and spicy! Pumpkin Cheesecake is just the scent to warm things up when it’s cold outside. For this I chose a cute almost milk bottle/cruet shaped vase. I filled it first with some whole cinnamon sticks and followed with whole cloves. I wanted this to look like things I’d really have put into a pumpkin cheesecake. I then mixed my fragrance and base; I used 40% fragrance and 60% base for this and added a single drop of the Pumpkin liquid candle dye. If you choose to dye these, remember that the color will travel up the Flex Wands as well so keep it light or similar in color to the reeds, and also remember since the base is oil, you will need to use oil based dyes. Here is what this cute Pumpkin Cheesecake Reed Diffuser Vase with orange Flex Wands looks like! Full size photo shown at the top of the page. This is a closeup of the spices inside!

For the second Diffuser Vase, I wanted something cute for my teen-age daughter’s bedroom. She is a girly girl and loves all thinks Pink! I found this cute geometric vase and thought about the blue marbles I had on hand already, they were a perfect color compliment to the vase and the pink Flex Wands! For this vase, I decided to use the Vanilla Extract. If you have not smelled this scent yet, it is a must try! It literally smells JUST like a bottle of yummy vanilla extract! It is a perfect scent for a bedroom, light enough to not be distracting and at the same smells fantastic! This scent I also used 40% fragrance to 60% base with. I did not color this particular blend because the vase itself was colored. This is how it looks finished! It really puts a fun twist on a simple scent!

Finally, I made the last Diffuser Vase from the amazing Gulf Tides scent! I have a beach themed bathroom and thought this would go perfectly in there! I filled the bottom of a tall, skinny vase with the small seashells. I then used 30% fragrance and 70% base. This scent to me could be a bit overwhelming if I had used the higher percent fragrance. For Gulf Tides I added a tiny bit of both green and blue candle dye to the base and fragrance mix using a toothpick. I wanted it to look similar to the Caribbean waters!  To this I added green, blue and white Flex Wands. You could do this with so many ocean and water type scents, you could even add glass fish embeds to it!

There are so many fun and unique ways to use the Flex Wands! Twist them, zig zag them, use them with colored bases or in clear, use cute colored glass…just about anything you can imagine you can do with the Aroma Flex Wands, Reed Diffuser Base, Fragrance and a little bit of imagination! Have fun with your new creations!

Happy Crafting!

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