Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spice Grubbed Candles

I love that primitive, rustic, old look that spices give to candles. It's a warm, cozy feeling I get when I visit a home that is filled with antiques and prims. You can easily make from already made pillars, votives and tapers candle that have that old world feel to them in no time!

This is a project where you want to leave neatness at the door. It's not welcomed here! You want to have each candle look like it is unique. They won't be perfect, they will indeed have flaws but that is exactly what makes them both unique and beautiful. 


Here is what you will need to create these one of
a kind creations! 

Straight Paraffin Wax (I used IGI 1239)
Fragrance (These were done in Cinnamon Bun)

Brown Candle Dye (I used liquid)
A Dipping Pot (keep it warm in a pan of boiled water!)
Spices (this is a mix of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg)

Pliers (to dip with)
Candles for dipping. I used Emergency Candles from the dollar store and votives I had on hand here.
Scent and color your melted wax according to your desired shade. Take one of the candles and dip it into the wax, holding it for a few seconds so it slightly softens. This will allow for the spices to better adhere to the wax when you roll them in it.  

Roll the warm, waxed candles immediately in the spices. They will not stick all over, but instead
randomly. You can do one dip and roll or as many as you want. If you plan to burn the candles, I recommend only a single dip as I've shown but if they will be solely for decoration, do as much as you want!

Once the candles are spiced, dip them again to put on a protective layer. These beautiful candles not only look and smell fantastic. Place them in a bowl with fillers or potpourri for a very rustic, primitive look.
Happy Grubbing!

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