Thursday, February 26, 2015

Palm Wax Pillar

Palm Wax is absolutely one of the most beautiful waxes out there. With absolutely no effort at all, you can create beautiful candles that all have a one of a kind appearance. Palm wax is a natural wax product and the pillars it creates are truly fascinating. This wax can actually be used in votives and container candles as well for a bit of diversity! 

Palm waxes are fun to work with and there are a variety of patterns taht can be created using it. This particular candle is made using our Granite Palm Wax.

Supplies List:

Granite Palm Wax
Square Braid Cotton Wicks (and tabs if using wick pins for a 3" round I use a 1/0. RRD wicks can also be used in this wax)
Seamless Aluminum Mold
Auto Wick Pin (optional)
Mold Sealer Putty
Mold Plug
Liquid Candle Dye

Assemble the mold by placing a round ball of mold sealer around the wick pin and pushing it through the bottom of the mold. Squish the sealer between the mold and pin to form a tight seal so that the wax will not leak through. 

Wax Instructions:
Heat wax to 205-210* add dye, blend well and then add fragrance and

blend well. Feather palm wax will hold up to 6% fragrance by weight. Pour the wax between 200-205* for best results.
This wax will require re-pours. Wait until the surface of the candle has crusted over, poke multiple relief holes through the surface of the candle around the wick and about 3/4 of the way down the candle, the candle center will still be fluid at this point.

Fill with reserved wax heated 10* hotter than the first pour. Repeat this process as needed. Palm waxes should be cooled a slowly as possible to inhibit the crystal structure to form fully. This can be done in a Styrofoam cooler or other insulated box. It is advised to use mold release when making palm candles in any mold.

Happy Candle making! Enjoy your new Palm Wax Pillars!


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