Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Amazing Emerald Sea!

Ahhhhh, sunshine & happiness. To me, that is everything a warm winter vacation is about. The problem is, coming home (I live in north east Minnesota) can sometimes be quite a shocker. 

We've spent the past three winters vacationing in Riviera Maya, Mexico. This place is truly heaven on earth. Perfect powdery sand beaches, the cool blue green Caribbean waters, the smell of the salt in the air and the breeze off the ocean. There are jungles, cenotes, ancient ruins, sea turtles, coral reefs and so much more! It's just paradise!

I keep wishing I was still there and decided a perfect reminder would be a layered Emerald Sea Pillar! Emerald Sea: This fruity floral blend is brightened by lemon and lime. Layers of mango and peach balance with peony, violet and sampaguita flower for an exotic sensation. A dry down of sweet musk and grated coconut completes the blend. Just think, salty sea air combined with the fruits and flowers of the tropics. It's amazing! Here is what you will need to make this one of a kind masterpiece for yourself!

Supplies List:

IGI 1274 Mottle Pillar Blend
Liquid Candle Dye in Ivory, Kelly Green and Blue/Sky
3" x 4.5" Seamless Aluminum Candle Mold
Pillar Wick Pin
Mold Sealer Putty
2/0 Square Braid Cotton wick, pre-tabbed
Emerald Sea Fragrance Oil

Start by preparing your Mold.
Tear off about 3/4" of Mold Sealer.
Roll it into a ball and spread it across the bottom of the mold completely
covering the hole.
Then insert the Pillar Wick Pin, inside the mold. 

After your mold is ready, weigh out 15 oz of wax and follow these instructions for melting, fragrance, dye etc:
Heat wax to 190-200*. Once wax reaches desired temp, add your
dye, blend well then add fragrance and again blend well. For 15 weight ounces of wax I would recommend about .8 weight oz. of fragrance. Since we are pouring in layers, and we want a funky, rustic look, wait until the wax cools to about 165 to pour your layers. You will want to "slosh" a bit of wax up onto the side of the mold with each pour. I used 1 oz of the fragranced wax for the sand color (remember the top of the candle is the bottom of the mold so pour in reverse order!) using a toothpick tip amount of the Ivory liquid dye.
After the first pour has cooled some, reheat your reserved wax from your first pour and refill the void Repeat the repour process as necessary. To make a rustic finished candle, do not heat the molds and pour the wax at 165*.

This process makes beautiful candles that remind you of a warm summer day or a vacation to somewhere tropical and magical! Give one a try, layered pillars are simple and fun to make!

Happy Candlemaking!


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