Thursday, June 12, 2014

Christmas Cookie Wax Melts!

I love cookies! I mean I really LOVE cookies! I also LOVE wax melts! And I love Christmas too! With so many of the scents of Christmas on sale this month, I figured this was the PERFECT time to give this idea a whirl! This project incorporates three of my favorite things in one! Christmas Cookie Wax Melts!!!!!

The only warning I will make is that these look REAL! My 10 year old son and 16 year old daughter each tried to take one off the plate and eat it! Not bad when the candle maker can fool her own kids! :) 

These are pretty simple to make and if you already make votives or wax melts you may even have what is needed on hand already! 

Supplies List:

Wax: IGI 4794 Votive Blend
Fragrance: I used Homespun Sugar
Dye: I used just a small amount of Brown block dye to get a "baked cookie" color.

Sprinkles or sugar for decorating cookies
Wax Paper

Start by melting your wax per the instructions on the site. When your wax is fully melted, add 1/2 weight oz of scent to 8 weight oz of wax. Allow to cool a bit then pour into a smaller plastic or stainless bowl and allow to further cool until the wax begins to form a skin.

When the wax begins to skin over, start whipping it with your fork to incorporate air. Think Whipping Cream. Just keep doing this so that it does not become one solid mass. Pliability and spreadabilty is key! When it's ready it should look like whipped cream only a bit denser. Like this: 

Next scoop out spoons of the wax and place them on the wax paper The smoother the wax the flatter the cookie, the chunkier the wax the chunkier the cookie. The ones with the round candies on them are done with the wax being a bit looser, the chunkier ones are done when the wax is a bit cooler. Either way they look real and delicious, some just may find one easier to make than the other. 
And there you have it, Christmas Cookies wax melts! These are awesome packaged in clear glass cookie jars at craft shows and for retail sale in the cute window front bags we sell at the north or even in the clear zip top pouches from the south! Try this using our Lemon Pound Cake, Sissies Sugar Cookie etc! Sell by the piece, pound etc! The only thing left is to melt and enjoy!

Happy Scented Goodies Making!

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