Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fruity Loops SOAP!

I absolutely LOVE our Fruity Loops scent. It brings me right back to Saturday morning cartoons when I'd watch The Roadrunner and the Coyote battle it out while eating breakfast. It makes me think of hurrying through breakfast so I could get outside and play! Scents play a huge role in memories!

I've done a few projects in the past using this particular scent and every one is a crowd pleaser every time! Weather you are 65 or 5, you will likely identify with this scent! This week I am going over how to make a layered rainbow soap using none other than Fruity Loops fragrance!

Supplies List:
Wooden Soap Box Mold

Wax Paper or Freezer Paper
Digital Scale
Fruity Loops Fragrance
Gel Tones Soap Stable Dyes
Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil
Pyrex or HDPE measure Cups

This mold holds 3 pounds of oils perfectly. Here is the recipe I use to make this soap. It hardens up beautifully when fully cured and has a great lather!

Fruity Loops Soap Recipe
24 weight ounces Pomace Olive Oil
12 weight ounces Palm Oil

12 weight ounces Coconut Oil
6.6 weight ounces of lye
12 weight ounces of ice cold water

Mix the lye according to proper safety instructions. If you have never made soap before, please be sure to check out our "How to make CP soap instructions" So you are sure to use the proper safety precautions! Working with lye can be dangerous, BE SURE TO WEAR a pair of safety glasses or goggles, a respirator and wear gloves and always take your time and be safe! :)

Melt and mix your oils together and divide them up into 6 equal amounts using the pyrex or HDPE measure cups. Each cup should have 8 weight ounces of the oil mixture. Add your dyes to each cup. For the Red, I used Tomato Red for the Orange I used the Neon Orange for the Yellow I used Neon Yellow, for the Green I used the Neon Green for the Blue I used the Ultramarine Blue and for the Violet the Ultramarine Violet. 

Line your mold according to the instructions on our website. Mix each color one at a time, so weigh out 3.1 ounces of the lye solution (I soap with room temp oils and lye solution for the best results and DO NOT insulate!) and add it to the first color, the violet...blend using a stick blender if you are comfortable with that or use a wire whisk and mix well. At thin trace, pour into the bottom of the mold and allow it to set but not get cold then repeat this process on the next layer, blue, then green, yellow, orange and finally red. Be sure to wait long enough between layers so the don't get funky lines but not so long that they don't adhere. For me it's about 20 minutes.

This is what the finished layers inside the log will look like. This is the actual photos of each layer made into a single graphic to show what they look like before they have set. This soap is super fun to make and even more fun when people pick it up and realize, they know that scent! A sure crowd pleaser!

To add a bit of fun instead of using a straight cutter on your log, use a wavy cutter or add a soap stamp! To package, use our soap boxes and labels!

Happy Soap Making!

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