Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's Hot Cocoa Season!

With Jack Frost already nipping at my nose (it was 0 degrees outside in Duluth, MN the other day!) and BCN having Hot Chocolate fragrance as the scent of the month, it's the perfect time to make a delicious 'mug' of chocolate delight, only with a wick!

Here is what you need to make these cute candles that smell like a slice or at least a mug of heaven!
IGI 4636 Wax 
IGI 4794 Wax
Brown Color Block
Hot Chocolate Fragrance
60-44-18z Wick
Wide Mouth Mason Jar or any glass coffee mug (the wick will change by changing jars!)

Instructions: Heat your IGI 4636 wax to 175-185*. Once the wax reaches desired temp, add your dye, blend well then add fragrance and again blend well. This wax should be poured between 155-165* into heated containers and cooled as slow as possible for optimal adhesion to glass and a smoother finished candle top.
*For jelly and mason jars or other jars that are taller than they are wide, we recommend pouring the wax at about 180-185* into heated containers and cooling as slow as possible. The increased pour temp will allow for more even cooling and less sink holes. 


Allow the candle to cool for about 4-6 hours. Then heat your IGI 4794 to about 175. Add your scent, and then allow to cool until the wax forms a skin on top and start stirring or whipping with a fork. I just allowed mine to get a bit foamy and poured it, you can actually whip the wax so it looks like whipped cream piled high on the cocoa too!

This candle can be done with coffee scents as well making the froth for cafe' au lait! With winter a reality, at least lighting a warm and cozy scent will make you believe it's warmer than it really is ;)

Happy Candlemaking!

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