Monday, October 14, 2013

Holiday Crafting with Kids

With Mason Jars & Water Crystals on sale this month at BCS what a PERFECT time to visit making these gems!

These are a great project for the holidays. If you are a Scout Leader or a are in charge of a Sunday School Class or even a Grade School Teacher, these make PERFECT take and make projects for the kids to give Mom for the Christmas! If you have a craft show booth, have the product on hand and have the kids do them as take and make where they  "help" and picks their own scent (This can get messy so make sure to have an extra set of hands if you choose this route!) but in general these make great air fresheners for the bathroom or other small area.

Supplies List:
Fragrance (I used Mistletoe & Ivy)
Mason Jars
Vented Daisy Lid
Plastic Sealing Disc
Water crystals
FD&C Bath and Body Dye (I used Green) *DO NOT USE CANDLE DYES!
Distilled Water

Fill your jar with water. For every ounce the jar holds, use  .75 oz distilled water. So for an 8 oz jar you would use 6 oz water, for a 12 oz jar 9 oz water and for a 16 oz jar you would use 12 oz water. Warm the water up so that it's not boiling but hot, this helps the water crystals to absorb the water MUCH faster! Add now your dye. I used the green FD&C Bath and Body dye for this and just added until it was the color I wanted.  Now for every 6 oz of water, use 1 tablespoon of the beads for the best results. You can use less but I find more is better. Add these items together. Photo shows what the beads look like as they are placed in water before they are fully swelled.

Once this part is done, it's a waiting game. I like to wait until the water crystals have absorbed all the water and are plump. Once this happens add your fragrance. I find that depending on the scent, I like about 1/4 oz of scent per 8 oz jar. Add your scent to this and let it be. I don't stir or anything at this point, I find that the less floating water in these the better off you are. ONLY use distilled water to prevent the possibility of mold and pass this tip along to your customer who will refresh them as well. Distilled water only. :) 

These are not over strong with most scents so are best suited to small areas. You can decorate the jars, you can add labels, different colored Daisy lids and more!   

Smelly Jellies are the PERFECT item for Holiday Crafting with Kids!

Happy Crafting!

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