Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Carpet Fresh!

Carpet fresh is one of the easiest products to make and it sells great and of course smells simply fantastic too! What will you need to make it? Baking Soda and Fragrance Oil! Yes, that is all! It's the simple things that are great, right?

There are two ways of making it and I only do one since my dedicated to smelly stuff food processor died. The first obviously is to use a food processor to incorporate the scent into the baking soda, the second is to use a stick blender in a bowl and as a soaper I have have plenty of those :)

Baking Soda.
Fragrance (I used Citrus Splash)
Packaging (See below for packaging ideas!)

First, pour your baking soda into a large bowl designated for smelly things. I don't recommend plastic since it will absorb scent. Glass and stainless are preferred. Second, drizzle on your scent. It doesn't take much at all. I get about 8 lbs of Carpet Fresh out of an ounce of fragrance oil.

Then mix the scent in using the hand blender by moving it around to mix the baking soda and the fragrance oil together. Be careful, it will make a mess if you pull the moving blades out of the baking soda. :)

Now package! There are a few different ways that will work great! Use the Pint Mason Jar and the vented Smelly Lids with discs, the Tin Tie Bags in either white or Kraft, the Shaker Jar or the Stand up Pouches! A simple idea that will yield great profits!

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