Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chunk Pillars

I was asked questions recently about chunk pillars and thought...Hmmmm it's been a long time since I did those! I thought more about it and it really had been years. I love the look of chunks, especially bigger chunks like these in various colors! This project is actually fairly easy even for someone newer to candle making.

Here is a list of supplies that are needed to make these great chunk candles!

IGI 4625 Pillar Blend
Candle Dye
Fragrance (This one is made using BNL Cookie Jar)
2/0 Square Braid (or if using a Wick Pin WSB8)
3" Diameter Aluminum Mold, Wick Pins Optional
Mold Sealer Putty and Mold Plugs

First melt your wax and add the Vybar. Per lb of wax, use 1/2 to 1 tsp Vybar 103. The first thing to do for this candle is to make the chunks. For three candles two 3" x 4.5" and one 3" x 6.5" I made three batches of chunks each 1/2 lb.

To make the chunks, you can pour into various plastic containers. I used a Velveeta Cheese keeper top. (Kitchens can have some great candle and soap stuff hiding! LOL)

Next cut the chunks into the warm but pliable and still semi solid wax. Use a sharp knife. Put this in the freezer for a few minutes after this step to allow them to become fully solid and come out of the mold. 

From this point you will have chunks to fill your molds that look similar to this. You can make the chunks as big or small as you want. The size of the chunks will make differences in how they look in the finished candle. Experiment to find what suits you best!

Next fill the molds with the chunks. Be sure to pack them in there good. When the hot wax is poured over them some will melt a bit.

And the final step is to fill the mold with the plain ivory or clear wax to make the final candle. I chilled my chunks in the fridge before pouring my over pour. This prevents the chunks from melting. Some melting can look cool. Again, experiment! Pour the wax into the molds at 175*. A repour may or may not be needed after the candle begins to cool. Mine did need a slight top off in the very end. Enjoy making these fun candles!

Happy Candlemaking!

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