Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Easter Bunnies & Jellybeans!

It's almost Easter! That means so many things to me but to my kids it means the "bunny" will come drop fun things in their baskets! Of course Easter Baskets aren't just for cute pigtailed little girls in pretty dresses, they are for their Mom too! This project is taking the simple jar and making it into a seasonal delight!

For this you will need the following:

Jellybeans Fragrance
IGI 2281 wax from BC North (the BCS Version does NOT mottle)
44-32-18z wicks
Sunshine/Lemon Yellow liquid dye
12 oz. Apothecary Jar
Glass Bubble Lid with Closed Fitment
Jelly Beans (don't eat them once they have been in the jar!)
Mottle Max
Bow tie Wick Holder Clip

Start by melting your wax. For a single candle I used 10 weight oz of IGI 2281, 3/4 tsp Mottle Max & 2 drops Sunshine/Lemon liquid dye. In the mean time I wicked my jar using two of the 44-32-18z wicks. Space the wicks so that the tabs are just a hair apart. You want them very close so the flames create a single melt pool rather than further apart making two separate melts.

Once your wax is to temp, around 185-190* add your fragrance. For this candle I weighed out .6 weight oz of fragrance. Add this to your wax and blend. Pour into a room temp jar at about 180-185*. Keep any extra wax in the pot to do a repour. Use the bowtie wick holder to keep your wicks straight. These are amazing for double wicked candles! I LOVE THEM!

This wax is not a single pour, it will require a slight top off. It does however not shrink as much as most straight paraffin waxes. The finish is a nice mottled, home baked bubbly look! Very much the trend! The photo shows the difference in the wax as it is cooling. The area that looks cloudy or snowflaked is mottled. This is the desired look in this particular candle. Once it is cooled down, it is ready to be repoured. Heat the wax you have reserved to ten degrees above the original pouring temp. Once at the desired temp, top the candle off to level the surface and eliminate any dips, allow to cool and trim the wicks and you are done! :)

This simple project can be done in a variety of ways! For an ocean themed candle, think of putting some shells in the lid and maybe even some sand, scent the candle in Ocean Mist, Sea Breeze or Tidal Wave! For a spice scented candle, try adding some of the Rustic Potpourri to the lid! A silk Gardenia inside the lid of a gardenia scented candle! The only limit to this project is with your imagination!

Happy Easter & Happy Candle Making!

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