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Wonderful Wild World of Wood Wicks!

When you think of summer, you think of campfires, when you think of winter you think of fireplaces. They both have one thing in common, the great crackling sound from the fire! Did you know that Bitter Creek offers a wick that is made of 100% natural organic wood! Here is some information on our amazing Wood Wicks!

This candle is made using EZ Soy™ Wax
18 oz apothecary jar
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie
#5 Two Wicks
(5/8") Wood Wicks
Orange Diamond Dye Chips
Candle has been burning 5.5 hours with no trimming.
Wood Wicks
*Wood Wicks require a special wick clip (tab) sold separately!
• 100% natural grown. 100% organic. No chemical treatments
• Fast burn pool formation for superior hot throw.
• No straightening. 100% rigid in manufacturing.
• Crackling wood fire sound while wood wick is burning.
• Does not require trimming.
• No mushrooms. Little to no debris. Minimal carbon buildup.
• When sized properly no smoking during burn cycle.
• Little to no afterglow sooting.
• Less overheating at End of Life with wood wick clip.
• Clip keeps flame at safety height, 3/8” above bottom.
• Works in Containers, Pillars, and Votives.
• Efficiently burns all waxes; Paraffin, Soy, Mottling, Palm etc.
• Wood wicks are sized from ¼” to 1” wide.
• Soy and Soy blends may require 2 wicks.
• One clip fits all wood wick sizes and thicknesses.
• Large flat area on bottom of clip for easy use of Wick Stickums.
• Clip is tin coated steel which inhibits rust and discoloration.
• Widths and height come in 1/8” increments for exact sizing.
• Ideal wick height when pouring is 1/8”-1/4” above wax surface.
• 100% grown, manufactured, and sold in the USA.
Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? It's not! These wicks are amazing!!! They burn clean, are very low maintenance, burn hot enough to achieve perfect melt pools and optimize scent throw and at the same time don't burn too hot at all! Every candle we've wicked with these has been simply impressive!! 

Before choosing to carry this line of wicks, we tried every wood wick we could find. They were NOT impressive. There was limited sizing, they were so thick they were difficult to trim after burning and more impossible to cut to size. They drown out in every wax and none burned even close to right. In a nutshell, if you tried the wicks we did, you are probably afraid to try again. Don't be. These are not the same wicks. These have been engineered by one of the best in the industry to be one of a kind. They burn amazing!
Our wood wicks are compatible with most waxes. We offer a chart that will give you a basic idea of where to start when wicking with them in your wax (I've pasted this to the bottom of this page for your convenience) I have added some pictures of the wicks in jars so you can see how great they burn! The best part is they really crackle and it's loud enough to hear unlike some of the big brands!

For anyone wanting to make a basic Wood Wick Candle to start, here is a list of supplies and directions for you! 

Ez Soy Wax
8 oz Smooth Side Jelly Jar
Lid for Jelly Jar

Caution Labels
Blank Candle Labels

Dyes (The only dye we do not recommend are liquids in this wax)
Fragrance Oil
Wood Wicks
Wood Wick Tab

Wick Stickum

  • To make the Wood Wick Jelly Jar Candle first be sure your jar is clean of debris.
  • Place the two #3 Wood Wicks in the Special Wood Wick Tab
  • Place a Wick Stickum on the bottom of the tab and adhere to the Jelly Jar
  • Follow these instructions for heating the wax, scenting, coloring and pouring it:
    HeatEZ Soy™ to 175-180*. Add your dye and blend well, then add your fragrance and blend well.
    Allow the wax to cool to about 105* and start stirring. When the wax reaches a slushy stage, it looks similar to an Icee starting to warm up, pour the wax into room temperature jars. The actual pour temp of the wax is about 95* but because it is not completely fluid at this point, an internal temp is hard to achieve. Pouring hotter will result in more frosting and tops that are not completely smooth
  • Trim the wicks and place lids on the jars and allow to "cure for at least 48 hours before burning. Some scents may take up to two full weeks to cure.
  • Don't forget to place a warning label on the bottom of the jar and make a label for the front with your company logo! :)
We recommend using chip, block, powder or flake dyes with soy waxes. Liquid dyes can cause excessive frosting due to the solvents in them. If your tops are not smooth, try pouring a touch cooler. If they are lumpy try a bit warmer. It does take some trial and error testing to determine the exact right pour temp for you.

Wood Wicked 3 1/2" Diameter Candle Burning:

Wood Wick conversion measurements:

#2 width 0.250" - 1/4"
#3 width 0.375" - 3/8"
#4 width 0.500" - 1/2"
#5 width 0.625" - 5/8"
#6 width 0.750" - 3/4"
#7 width 0.875" - 7/8"
#8 width 1.000" - 1"

Candle Diameter
Single Pour
Soft Wax
2" Diameter Candle
#2 (2 Wicks)
3" Diameter Candle
#3 (2 Wicks)
#2 (2 Wicks)
3.5" Diameter Candle
#4 (2 Wicks)
#3 (2 Wicks)
#3 (2 Wicks)
4" Diameter Candle
#5 (2 Wicks)
#4 (2 Wicks)
#4 (2 Wicks)
5" Diameter Candle
#3 (2 Wicks)
#7 (2 Wicks)
#3 (2 Wicks)
#6 (2 Wicks)
#6 (2 Wicks)

*All Wood Wicks are sold in 6" lengths.
*Wood Wicks require a special wick clip (tab). These can be found in this category with the wood wicks as well as with the Wick Tabs.
*Please keep in mind these are only suggestions on where to begin your testing. All applications should be individually tested for proper sizing.

chemicals were used in the forests or processing/manufacturing of the wood wicks. Are our wood wicks Certified Organic? No. "Certification" in the organics industry is a complex process that the tree growers, mill, wick manufacturer and Bitter Creek would have to go through costing a huge sum of money. The Certification Process is a piece of paper that states what we already do, make an organic wick. We do not plan to make this a "Certified Organic" product anytime in the future unless the cost is significantly lowered. But you have our word, they ARE an Organic Product, they are just not certified.

Wood Wick Candles are beautiful and sound amazing but smell amazing too! Give the wood wicks a try on your next order. They unique sound and look will set you apart from your competition giving you an edge!

Happy Candlemaking!

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