Thursday, December 8, 2011

Go Crazy With Room Spray

I see so many unique items out there and then at the same time I think there are twenty times more that are drab and boring. A sure way to get yourself and your product noticed is to stand out from the crowd!

I happen to be a room spray junkie! I have bottles of it all over my house. Some I've made but most I have purchased. I always say it's the packaging that gets their attention and the scent that gets them to buy! So combining awesome scent with unique looks is essential!

I have used just about anything that would not compromise the product from dried floral to coffee beans, mica, glitter, baby clothes pins and potpourri to strips of fabric, metals, and even silk floral inside my bottles. Anything that grabs the eye and will fit inside my bottle is fair game! Thinking outside the box is essential for this kind of product. Be noticed! Be different!

These are all made using BC products! You will need the following for these:

Glitter or Mica
Spray Caps

Fragrance Oil

These are made using our 4 oz Boston Round Bottle the 2 & 4 oz. Black Spray Caps and the Kraft Labels. The one on the left is scented in BNL Cucumber Melon and has Holographic Glitter inside, the Middle is scented in BNL Clean Cotton and has mini clothes pins I picked up from a craft store and the right bottle is scented in Fruity Loops and has Gold Mica inside.

As you can see the same basic product takes on three entirely different looks with a simple change of what's inside! The left bottle I made for the little boys, it's called Monsters Stay Away Spray the middle bottle I called Clothesline Fresh and the right bottle is made for girls and is called Pretty as a Princess Spray. You can use your imagination to come up with tons of names and variations of this product to make a name for your small business!

Happy Crafting!
Bitter Creek Tech Support

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