Monday, August 8, 2011

Chunk Pillars

Chunk Pillars have always been one of my favorites to make, no two ever look exactly the same! I needed to make a gift and was thinking pillars but plain, mottle, smooth, chunky, layered???!!! I decided to make chunk pillars that are not cut but the pieces are instead broken.

To make these candles you will need the following:
IGI 1343 Straight Paraffin
Vybar 103
UV Color Stabilizer
Liquid Candle Dye
Fragrance Oil
Aluminum Molds
Square Braid Cotton Wick

You will also need Pouring Pots, Presto Kitchen Kettle, a Digital Scale, Mold Sealer, Wick Rods and Aluminum Foil.

I made my candles in 3" x 4.5" molds. The finished weight of these candles are 16 oz..

First, begin by melting the wax for your chunk section. I use about 9 oz of wax for this size candles chunks. Melt your wax and to this part, add UV Stabilizer, Vybar 103, Dye and Fragrance.

Make a "pan" out of your foil and pour the hot melted wax into this and allow to cool.
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Once your slab of colored wax has cooled, remove it from the foil. I do this when the wax is solid but warm and pliable. Break the wax into your desired chunk size and fill your pre-wicked mold. You can also cut these for a more uniform size. You can vary the thickness of the chunks also for varied appearances.
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After your molds are filled with your colored chunks, melt 6.5 oz of wax (I do not always add vybar to this, it will mottle if you do not.) and when the wax is about 175-180* pour over the chunks into the mold.

Let candles cool, poking relief holes and re-pouring as needed.

And this is your finished product. A beautiful and unique pillar!

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