Thursday, June 30, 2011

Icy Cola!

It's been a long time since I last pulled out the gel! I was thinking about fun things for summer this morning and decided to go into the work room and see what I could find. After going through some scents, I found a bottle of Gel Aromas Cola! What is more refreshing than a tall glass of icy Cola on a hot day?

For this candle you will need the following:
~A Tall Cola Glass
~Gelwix for Gel Candles

First, fasten your wick to the bottom of the glass using a wick stickum.

Cut about a pound of High Density Gel into Cubes. Fill your glass with "ice cubes" made of clear cut gel. Empty the glass except the bottom 1/4.

Heat your gel wax until it is melted, add dye until it reaches your desired color. I used 4 drops per 10 weight oz of gel. Add your gel safe fragrance, blend well and pour over "ice cubes".

Add a second layer, again about a 1/4 of the glass, pour hot gel over this and repeat until the candle is complete.

These are great little conversation pieces! Just be sure to keep out of the reach of children, they do look real!

Happy Candlemaking!
Flicker :)

***If you are planning on selling these, I recommend not using branded glasses such as Coke or Pepsi but instead opting for ones with no branding to avoid trademark problems.)

As with all gel candles be sure to ONLY use GEL SAFE Fragrances. Bitter Creek offers the GEL AROMAS for use in gel candles. Be sure to always affix a warning label to any candle you make!

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