Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Haunted Halloween!

When some people think of fall, they think soft sweaters, Pumpkin Spice Latte's and boots. When I think of fall, I think of Halloween and CANDY CORN! mmmm I could eat bag upon bag of those sweet candy treats! This month was the perfect time to show how you can make a simple candle into a perfect gift for someone with a Halloween love, a party hostess, a birthday girl or just because! The only things you need are the candle, which we can all make and a trip to your local retailer, I happen to love Dollar Stores, for the boxes, baskets etc. Just remember this could also be made into something with soap, melts, room spray etc. It isn't just for candles anymore!  


Ez Parasoy Wax

Candy Corn Fragrance
Pint Mason Jar and Lid
ECO 12 Wick
Yellow and Orange Liquid Dye
Cute Box or Basket
Shredded box filler

Heat wax to 180°-195°. Once wax reaches desired temp, add fragrance (1 oz per lb of wax) and again blend well. I put the wax for the candle in a pour pot and color it by layer. My first pour has no dye. I pour at about 175-180*. Allow the layer to almost totally cool, then re-heat the wax,

add two drops of yellow dye, and at around 170-175 pour the next layer. Repeat the process from the first layer, then re-heat the wax again, this time adding two drops of orange and again, pour between 170-175*.

This wax WILL likely need a slight top off to fill any minor sink holes. Since this wax does pull away from the container, this will need to be done within the first few hours after your last pour or it will pour down between the container and the wax. Just re-heat the remainder of the wax from the last pour and pour just up to the original pour line.

*This wax also works excellent for Clamshell wax melts poured at 150°, no additives needed. I would not recommend it for tarts made in molds though.

There were so many cute boxes this year I had a hard time choosing! I decided on this one and thought it made a really cute seasonal gift! If you do fall shows, I think this would be one of those exceptional sellers! Other ideas would be to use a Pumpkin Scent and paint a pumpkin face on the jar, or Gummy Bears and pour the candle in green painting on a Frankenstein face. Sky's the limit when you use your imagination! Here is what my final product looked like. SUPER CUTE and really FUN!

Happy Candle Making!