Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Bronzing Coconut Body Whip!

 ~Bronzing Coconut Body Whip!~

Conquer the dog days of summer with luxurious shimmering body whip!

Materials you will need:
~Glass or Plastic Clear containers (our plastic PET jars would work great)
~32oz Coconut Oil (melted to room temp)
~Large Glass/Metal mixing bowl
~Whisk/Hand mixer/stand mixer

Step 1 - Mix Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil together until well blended. I found that using a simple flat beater attachment on my stand mixer worked well at a medium speed. 

Step 2 - Slowly add your choice of skin safe fragrance oil. I used exactly 1/4oz of fragrance oil and the scent was great. (I used Pomegranate Lemonade). It wasn't too strong, and not too weak. A little goes a long way! Beat well. 

*Note: I switched over to a hand mixer at this point, in order to "fluff" up the mixture more by whipping as much air as possible into the mix. 

You'll notice the mixture turn more white the longer you mix and the oils blend together. You'll also see bubbles start to appear!

Step 3 - Working with Coconut in the hot summer months has its downfalls. coconut oil is a very soft oil, that melts with the simple warmth from your fingers. If the room that you're working in is warm, you may need to put the bowl into a fridge for a few minutes (I left it in for just 5 minutes), to cool the oils back below room temp, in order to start seeing a real "whipped" look as soon as you continue mixing.

Step 4 - Once you start seeing a real "whipped" look to your oils, go ahead and add your Bronze Mica Powder. This is another product where a little really does go a long way. I used just 2 teaspoons of mica to achieve a really nice shimmery shade of bronze (the pictures don't do justice). Be sure to mix thoroughly!

*The mixture was still a bit too creamy (above), so I put the bowl in the fridge for another 5 minutes to achieve the perfect "whipped" consistency (below).*


Step 5 (final step) - Once you've completely mixed all oils and mica together thoroughly, you can simply scoop the mixture out of the bowl with a spoon to place into your containers, or you can put all of the mixture into a gallon size plastic bag, cut a small hole into the bottom corner, and neatly squeeze the mixture into your containers. (This really seemed to cut down on the amount of mess for me.)

 *Note: Since this project is Coconut based, be sure to store in a cooler area (less than 65°F) to prevent the mixture from completely melting!


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Happy Body Whip making!


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