Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Red, White & Blueberry Bubble Bath!

*Red, White & Blueberry Bubble Bath*

     There's nothing quite like a relaxing bubble bath after a long day on your feet. Not only does our Milk Bubble Bath Base foam nicely with lasting bubbles, bit it softens your skin too! Bubble Bath bottles are always a huge hit at Craft Shows and Farmer's Markets year-round.

With a PH balance of 5.64, this Bubble Bath is 100% safe for Kids!
This Bubble Bath is Kid tested and Mom approved! :) 

* Batch Yield: (16) 8oz Bullet Bottles

 Materials you will need:
* 2 medium size Bowls
* 1 Spoon (I used regular metal spoons)
* Funnel

Start by adding your choice of Fragrance Oil directly to the gallon of base. The recommended usage level is anywhere from 1/2 - 1oz of Soap safe Fragrance Oil per 1 gallon of Milk Bubble Bath base. Shake entire gallon very well so all of the Fragrance Oil has thoroughly mixed into the base. 
*Note: Heating or adding too much fragrance oil can cause gel to become thinner! Always make a small test batch to determine which fragrances work well in each formula.

 Once all of the Fragrance Oil is completely mixed within the gallon jug, using the two mixing bowls, section out the base into 3 parts, leaving the 3rd part in the original gallon jug. I wanted to make more white base, so I just left more uncolored base in the gallon jug. Set the gallon jug containing one part aside at this point, since this part will not be colored. 
*Note: If you are wanting to make equal parts, using a scale can help achieve exact equal parts.

When choosing colors for your Bubble Bath, the best color choices are the FD&C Liquid Dyes or the Cosmetic Grade Gel Tone Colorants. Micas and exfoliants will either sink to the bottom or rise to the top in this formulation. These colors will not dye skin or your bath tub! :)


Starting with the Red FD&C Cosmetic Liquid Dye, add drops of dye to the base until the desired color is achieved. I was looking to get a real deep true Red, so I added roughly 20 drops of dye to the first part of the base. Use a spoon to mix very well! 

You'll notice right away as soon as you start mixing, that this base is extremely creamy and visibly silky. It will leave the base with a slight metallic shimmer, regardless of which color you choose to use. It looks very luxurious and is very appealing to the eye!

After the Red part is completely mixed, move onto the blue. For the blue, I was looking for a real deep blue as well (trying to match American Flag colors), so I chose to use the Bright Blue Gel Tone Colorant. This color gave me the exact shade I was looking for. Rinse off the spoon you used for the Red, and again, be sure to mix very well!

Now for the fun part! Grab your funnel and start with whichever color you'd like. You'll be able to make just over five 8oz Bullet Bottles with each color, if you poured all equal parts. Slowly pour the mixture into the funnel, to be sure that you don't over-flow the Bullet Bottle, causing a huge mess. 
*Note: If you do make a mess, simply use a wet wash cloth to wipe away the spill. 

Once you have all bottles filled, cap them all off with an 8oz Squeeze Cap. I chose to use the Clear Squeeze Caps, but Bitter Creek also offers White Squeeze Caps, as well as Black Squeeze Caps. So you can mix and match to your preference. 

 Scent them in Fruity Loops and Gummy Bears for the kids, or Luxurious Lavender and Eucalyptus for the Adults. Since this base is so thick and creamy, using a little goes a long way! Attach a business tag to the cap with a piece of string or material so your customers know how to contact you when they run out. :)

If there is ever a fun Candle or Bath & Body product that you would like seen made, we would love to hear from you!
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Happy Candle & Soap Making!


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