Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valenties Day Gift Boxes!

Valentine’s Day is a fun time to make extra special little gift boxes and bags. I’ve chosen to do these in a bath and body theme! The first box is really quite simple but a lot of soapy fun! People love getting cute sudsy gifts! The second is a Hand Sanitizer, Liquid Hand Soap, Loofah and a mesh scrubby!  Below are the instructions and supplies for each! Making Melt and Pour Soap is a great project for the whole family!

Each box is one that I purchased from our dollar store locally and it has clear iridescent shreds in the bottom for some added sparkle!

Directions for making the heart shaped soaps.

1. Cut the amount of soap needed for the mold you plan to use. These soaps each were 1.5 weight oz. be sure to weigh this to ensure accuracy and prevent waste.
2. In a microwave, melt the base in 30 second intervals, gently stirring between to be sure you’re not overheating the base. Melt until the base becomes liquid but is not boiling. Over-heating can cause scorching and destruction of the preservation system in the base.
3. One melted, add any dye, mica or glitter you desire, stir well.
4. Once the color has been added, add fragrance. The maximum amount of fragrance is 3% or ½ ounce per pound of soap by weight.
5. Slowly pour the melted, scented and colored soap into the molds.
6. Spritz the molded soap with rubbing alcohol to “pop” any bubbles that exist to ensure a smooth bottom.

Follow the soap instructions for the scrubby as well but place it inside a cup (plastic cups work great and are disposable!) pour some of the soap in the bottom, insert the mesh scrubby then fill with the remaining soap. These are a soap and scrubby in one!

Package the soaps either using shrink wrap or using cling wrap to prevent “sweating”. (not packaged here to “show” the actual soaps off!

Supplies Box #2:

Fill the B&B Bottles with the Antibacterial Hand Soap and the Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer using these instructions:

Add 1/2 of appropriately safe fragrance oil to 1 gallon of base. Add glitter until desired color is achieved. Stir thoroughly but gently. Pour into bottles with a funnel, or use our gallon jug pump. (There is also a chart on the website with the products if making smaller amounts. Keep in mind these bases can thin if you use too much scent. I recommend always using ½ oz. per gallon maximum for the best results.)

Arrange the B&B Products with the Loofah and Mesh Scrubby in the box. This is a great gift for your daycare provider or teachers!

These projects are unique in that everything with supervision can be made by children as young as 5! Have fun with this and Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Soapin'!


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